Above and Beyond - CBC Miniseries - Understanding Eli

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Above and Beyond - CBC Miniseries

So, my first experience on a full scale, big budget production was an awesome time. I was really impressed with how smoothly everything ran, considering there were at least 200 people milling about. It sure was nice to drive up the set and pass umpteen production vehicles all lined up along the street. I hope we get to see more of that in our great province.

I spent two days of being background patrons at a bar doing pretty much the same thing over and over and over again. This includes smoking (which by the way I quit as of 01/07/04; over a year ago) which, so it seems, everyone did back in the 40s. This was probably the hardest part because pretty much all of us were smoking. They supplied the cigarettes which some of them were the herbal kind (without nicotine an such) and I'm sure they must have gone through 20 or 30 packs in the 2 day shoot. It was pretty nutty. Every 1 or 2 takes we were smoking a cigarette which, as you can imagine, was quite sickening after a while. I managed to keep one of them as a reminder of the 2 day shoot. I always like to keep something from everything I do, just a memento.

Everyone was fantastic too. The people who looked after we extras were amazing. Kept us fed and comfortable all the time. The makeup and hair artists were amazing and very friendly and the 3rd unit director (he who blocked/directed the extras) was really fun to work with. He had a lot of energy and seemed to try and use everyone as much as possible.

It was so great to see everyone in 40's costumes with awesome hair cuts. Everyone looked so incredible! It sure is going to be hard to go back to my alternate life at the call center now. Being on set, getting in costume and having hair and makeup done only fed my true careers appetite.

Bring on the Nickel!

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