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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Arthur Holmwood

So, after finally giving up on the possibility of getting a part (because I had a pretty bad audition, for one) in this Halloweens production of Dracula here in St. John's, I got a call yesterday from the director John with an offering of a role; Lord Arthur Holmwood. Of course, I took it and now I can't wait to start rehearsing this thing. From the sounds of things, it looks to be a very big production with a cast of around 35-40 people, including extras. I'm so excited and very grateful for the role.

A little info on Arthur Holmwood
A vigorous man, twenty-nine years old, the only son of Lord Godalming; Holmwood will later inherit this title after the death of his father. His engagement to Lucy and the necessity of driving a stake through Lucy's heart after she is one of the "Un-Dead" motivates Holmwood to join in tracking down and exterminating Dracula.
I met with the director yesterday again yesterday as they wanted to take some photos/headshots of us for promotional reasons. Mainly for the website, which is available for viewing here; Of course, it's not completly finished yet as there will be cast bios and more in the near future. I really like the neat little flash intro at the star though.

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