Next Up: DandA - Understanding Eli

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Next Up: DandA

Well, Carstories had its run and now we're done. It was a hard week for us though as the rain just would not stop. We had to cancel 2 nights and the last night we did it anyway. By 10:30, all of us were soaking wet... but at least the show didn't just die. All in all, things went very well and the comments recieved were remarkable.

So, next up (Very soon infact) is Departures and Arrivals; a little ensemble piece showing at Rabbitown Theatre in St. John's. The show starts tomorrow (at 7:00) and runs for 2 nights. That's Sunday and Monday, 27th and 28th at 7pm. Tickets are 10 bucks and it should be a great time as the cast is made up of a fun bunch of people. I'm happy to have met and work with them...

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