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Friday, November 04, 2005

Drac is dead / Apt 420B unfunded / New Film

Our 9 show run of Dracula is now complete and I have to say it was a complete success. Everyone that I've talked too about show have had only great things to say, ranging from the ability of the actors to the genius of the original music.

I'm still a little down from havin' the show over with as it was a very tight bunch of people who worked on this thing. I've never been part of a cast so tight and it was truly magical to go out on stage every day with such talent and dedication from all aspects. What a show. What a great show!

Well, Nov 1st has come and gone which means information has been recieved back from the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council about our proposal for cash. As mentioned before, our company was trying to get funding to produce a 2 act comedy that I've been writting for quite some time now (Apartment 420B). Unfortunaly, the NLAC didn't see fit to award us our small amount of cash, which means my script will have to be shelved for a little while. I'm quite upset about the whole thing actually. I really thought we'd get it because our proposal was great and we weren't asking for much money at all. What's really going to upset me is when I find out who got the money and see that it's all the same people who have been getting money for years to do thier thing but, I guess what it really comes down do is that they don't have enough money to fund everyone and sometimes the new guys get left out.

My partner in crime in Pussy Paw and I are going to meet soon discuss our next plan of attack as we still plan on doing the show... just not in Dec as planned. We have to discuss some ways to raise funds and upon doing so, we'll do the show. We're thinking February/March now.

In better news, Still Small Entertainment is gearin' up to film thier next flick which is entitled "Moonlight in your Blood"; a movie about obsessions, in particular one mans downward spiral into a disturbing sexual obsession w/ his loving girlfriend. I play that man and am extreamly excited to start workin on it. My experiences with this company last year were fantastic and I'm all too happy to be workin' with them again. I'm quite nervous and excited about this one as it's something I haven't really done before. Luckily, the female lead is someone I'm friends with as there could be some uncomfortable things to shoot. Either way, it'll be exciting.

We start filming sometime this month.

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