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Friday, December 23, 2005

Bus Fuss

The Metrobus here in St. John's has a really great service whereby for 2 dollars you get a ride and a copy of the days Telegram. On January 2nd, I doubt I'll be grabbing a paper anymore because 2 bucks will only get me a ride due to Metrobus' decision to hike the rates. While I can understand why the rate hike came, I'm completely disgusted by it. Right now, on average, I'm paying $24.50 a week or $98.00 per month whereas in January that will rise to $28.00 a week and $112.00 a month. That's a significant increase if you ask me and a deterrent from using the service. In this day an age when we should be promoting the use of public transportation to clear our roads and clean our air, hiking the rates will only do the opposite. Like with many other things, we are moving backwards as a society. If only there was a way to promote the use of bus systems so that more citizens use it. With an election upon us, I suggest that the people of St. John's express their disdain with the rate hike and see what the local candidates are going to do about it. I know that the Green Party has a policy in their platform to make all bus passes tax deductible which would indeed lessen inhibitions from using the bus service but, what do the others plan to do? This I'd like to know. As a concerned citizen worried about the amount of vehicles driving today and subsequently the amount of toxins being released into the air, I deserve to know.


Lori said...

Hey Stephen,

Nice blog! If you're really spending that much on bus fare on a regular basis, why not get a monthly pass for $63?

And I think the Conservatives have a plan for making public transit passes tax-deductable or something... hopefully something will come out on that soon (though likely not, since the environment is not top on their list of concerns :( ).

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Thanks for visiting Lori. I hope you still don't think I was trying to spam your blog when I visited it.

You're absolutly right on getting the bus pass but I always have trouble in paying down $60 bucks up front. Yes, it's totally worth it but it's not often I have that amount of money to through down on anything.

The calculations were high because I wanted to prove a bigger point, that's all.

Yeah, the Connies have a plan to give a tax credit to transit passes. Hopefully that'll come into play. I know the Greens would have made passes tax deductible and I'm not exactly sure the difference. The Connies may only give a percentage back, who knows? Either way, it'll be interesting if they put it into play.