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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blizzicane or Hurizzard?

Hurricanes winds in winter eh?...

... Is there such thing a a Blizzicane? Hurizzard maybe? Or is a blizzard a hurricane during winter conditions......

Blizzicane sounds pretty neat though doesn't it? Well, it kinda sounds delicious too, like some sort of new and funky ice cream. I like ice cream. Mmm... I'd love to have a blizzicane right now. I wonder what it tastes like?...

... What the hell am I talking about? Sheesh.

So, we had a snow day yesterday. A big snow day that shut down the city. Of course, like many other smart people, I didn't step outside the house once. Just looking out the window was enough to make my my inbetweens quiver.

It's crappy that it happened on a weekend though. Seems to always turn out like that no matter how much you prey to mother nature. I had a busy day planned for yesterday and old man winter (who seemed quite young and virile throughout the day) had to pay a visit. I do hate that guy. He truly is a bastard... though, you do have to take the bad with the good. I mean, our film shoot was cancelled but, in turn, so was work due to the mall being shut down. That's kinda cool... pardon the pun.

Speakin' of storms, a buddy of mine sent me these pics that were taken in Bonavista during a January wind storm. This is crazy stuff.

Can you imagine standing on that point out there? I can't, nor would I ever try to figure out what it would be like. It does makes me think about "Death on the ice" and how those people must have looked.

Crazy images...

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