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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Go Canada Go... Home

Let me start out by cursing a little; Shit. Fuck. Dirtly little bastards! Fuck. Fuck. Shit.

Excuse the profanity. It had to be said.

In Canada, when it comes to Olympic Hockey, there's one mindset; Go Gold or Go Home. Yesterday, our Canadian Hockey team is gone home... and rightfully so, I say. I can't believe out team, from a country and invented the sport, played so horribly. What is wrong with this picture?

Gretz takes full responsibly for the quick exit apparently; the man he is shining through once again. I don't think it was him though. It was the players. They didn't have the heart.

Of course, this is not to take away from the incredible playing of the other countries. Their teams clicked and it really showed on the ice. Bravo.

And also, let's not forget the gold winning women's hockey team. A team that showed what heart really is. They started strong, lasted strong and finished strong. What a team! It's really too bad the men didn't watch them a little more. Perhaps they would have been inspired.


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