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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gushue's Gone Gold

It's no secret that Newfoundland and Labradorians are proud people. So proud that we'll close schools for a curling game. Rightfully so, I say. These children had a chance to see history in the making and I hope most of them waved temptation to play games in the road and took advantage of the time off to see gold. You don't get an opportunity like this often and apparently, the last time schools were closed for one man was when the Pope visited in '84. So, Brad is up there with the Pope now? Yup. He sure is... where I live anyway.

What a game it was too eh? Nerve-wracking at the start, exhilarating come finish and exciting throughout. Some of the highlights for me was seeing Brad shoot his 7th point all the way out of play and of course seeing Nichols play the game of his life. Man, this boy can shoot a rock wha? 98% on his shots and most of these double take outs and such. Sheesh, what a game.

Also, I don't know if it's true or not but, apparently 2 lucky loonies were frozen into the ice for this game. I'm sure everyone can remember this happening for the gold winning hockey game in 2002. Looks like it worked once again (if it's true) though, I do believe Gushue and his rink would have taken it anyway. It's just too bad somebody didn't stick 100 loonies in the ice for the men's hockey team. They needed all the luck they could get.

But, I digress. Congrats Brad, Russ, Mike, Jamie and Mark! You've made us all very proud!

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