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Hangin' at SuperHeroHype

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 | 2/28/2006 03:55:00 pm

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Anybody who visits this blog should realize that I'm a fan of Ghost Rider (of Marvel Comics fame) but, most don't really understand how obsessed I am. Besides the comic collection, the accumulations of over 2000 Ghost Rider images on my PC and a shelf of figures, I also spend an exorbitant amount of time chatting on SuperHeroHype.com, which of course is an info site for all things related to Super Hero movies. I check the front page for news several times a day (mostly patiently waiting for some Ghost Rider movie news) to see what's in the works and try my best to get insider scoops on the development of such movies.

The place on The Hype (as it's referred to) that I do my chatting is in the forum section (of course) and it's a place that I've been posting since Sept of 2003. It's become an addiction actually with very close to 11000 posts... about 95% of which about Ghost Rider. Anybody visiting those boards probably know me as it's almost impossible to miss my name (FlameHead) due to it being everywhere, in the Ghost Rider section at least.

Speakin' of the Ghost Rider section of the Hype forums, I gotta mention how freakin' fantasitic it is to post there. Unlike many other sections of the Hype, this is the most civilized and is filled with simply admirable people. There's very little flame wars or trolling activity and when there is, we all know to just ignore it. We're a tight knit family and a lot of us have known each other for almost 3 years now.

3 years? Wow. Crazy how time flies...

Anyway, another simply wonderful and somewhat unbelievable benefit of chatting on the hype (in the GR section anyway) is that MSJ (otherwise known as Mark Steven Johnson), the director of the upcoming Ghost Rider movie has been posting there for quite some time now. He's been popping in and keeping us up to date on the movie's progress and even takes time out of his busy day to answer countless questions that we all have. How freakin' crazy is that? Who would have ever thunk that we'd get the opportunity to get inside scoops about our favorite characters movie adaptation directly from the mouth of the man who's making it. Man, truly unbelievable.

But wait, it gets better... for me anyway. Last October (why am I only posting about this now? Sheesh), around the time of my birthday, MSJ contacted me personally and asked for my mailing address because he had something that he wanted to send me. Of course, I sent him the information as quick as possible and waited patiently for the package to arrive. Wait, who am I kidding? I didn't wait patiently. I was mess. I couldn't sleep in anticipation of knowing exactly what it was. Every possible option popped into my head of course, ranging from movie scripts (which would have been awesome if he was looking for me to audition for him. Wouldn't that be sweet?) to one of a kind GR items.

5 days after sending my info to "The Man" (as we like to call him), I received a package from FedEx. What was enclosed was the following...

First of all, this note from MSJ himself...

Then, a T-Shirt that a lot of the crew wore during the filming of the movie (front and back)...

A vest that was also worn by the crew (well, the same type, not this actual one)...

A hat that was worn in the movie by Blaze's crew...

PLUS, he sent these really great props from the movie; a poster used to promote Blaze's famous jump...

... and the program that was given to the fans who attended that jump in the movie.

So, as you can see, I'm one hell of a lucky Ghost Rider fan. It's completely awesome that MSJ recognizes the fans and respects them enough to go through the trouble of not only chatting with us but, sending stuff out as well.

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