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Friday, March 24, 2006


There are two special dates that I want to recognize on this, the 24th of March.

First, it's Scratch.

She's my Kitty and today, it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Scratch! She is now a whopping 1 year old and still as crazy as ever. I was going to buy her an Ice Cream cake today (and by her, I mean me) but, I'm so freakin' busy with work that I can barely get a chance to feed her normal food, let alone cake. Perhaps after the project I'm working on is over, I'll have a mini party for her (me).

I can't believe it's been a year since we got her (well, just under a year; we got her at 7 weeks old). Time sure flies when you have an awesome pet to make you laugh and scratch defiantly does that. She's a crazy one and I love every minute of her antics. I hope she never looses her spunk but, of course, all cats do. She'll become lazy and fat soon... which is still kinda cute.

Anyway, again, Happy B-Day my wittle kitty.

The Second date that I'd like to recognize is this day, 6 months ago; Sept 24th (and 25th). That was the day I finally got to see the band I love so much live. Not only that, they played live here, in St. John's. It still blows me away that Pearl Jam came to Newfoundland and the whole weekend is more of a dream than anything else.

I had planned to finally do a major post about the weekend (and how awesome it was) for the 6 month anniversary but, I just can't find the time to get it done... but, it will... someday.


The Artistic Macrophage said...

nice blog. nice cat. seems you update your blog more than we do ours. I am a delinquent when it comes to updating our blog.

have a good one.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It's an obsession for me. The 20 minutes I get in the morning these days to do anythign not related to work goes to first getting to as many emails as possible and 2nd posting to my blog. I'd like to get one everyday but, that's just impossible.

Maybe in April when things calm down.


danadana said...

I totally forgot that Pearl Jam played on my birthday. Cool.

"Yer a jerk!"

Cat said...

Happy B-Day to the Kitty! Nice blog... :) Here via BMad

Angel said...

awwww pretty kitty!

Omni said...

Awwwwwwwwww, what a cute kitty!! :-)

I love Stephen King too; I'm currently reading "Cell." :-)

(Click here if you dare)

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Wow. Everyone loves my kitty. Yay! Of course, nobody loves her as much as me.


Anonymous said...

Nice cat. Hello kitty, kitty, kitty. Tell us about acting jobs in Canada. Does a lot more media come out of there these days? I see a lot more Canadian stuff around.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It's getting a heck of a lot better. More and more canadian content every year however, it's still extreamly hard to find work in Newfoundland and Labrador. Perhaps the new budget will help that though.

We'll see...