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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ghost Rider: A Visual Guide

Amazon has listed a New hardcover book that will be released this coming Dec and it's defiantly something I'm going to buy. Of course, there isn't much that'll come out over the next year that I won't... provided that I can afford it of course. That's the hardest thing about collecting; finding the money to do so.

The book is a visual guide for the upcoming movie and hopefully will give us a great inside look at it. Of course, most of it has probably been already seen because I've been following this movie for over 3 years now but, having the book in my hands would still be nice.

The description on
Book Description
Ghost Rider, one of Marvel's most extreme and popular characters takes to the big screen in the summer of 2006, and this is the book that takes readers behind the scenes and into the dark and desperate world of a fearsome crusader for justice.
I can't wait for Dec!

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