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Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's Freakin' me out Man

Does it freak you out? A chum (Chum?) of mine sent me this via email. I'm not usually the type to pass this kinda stuff around but, this one is pretty freaky... and I like freaky.

Wait, does that sound bad?

... read this.
The Best illusion ever created. interesting !......

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If you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr.Angry is on the left, and Mrs.Calm is on the right.

Get up from your seat, and move back 12 feet, and PRESTO!! they switch places!!

This illusion was created by Phillippe G.Schyns and Aude Oliva of the Univ. of Glasgow.

This proves that we may not be seeing what's actually there, all the time!!

Pretty crazy wha?

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