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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MIYB: Principle Photography Wrapped

Sometime in the middle of December, I, working with the folks at Still Small Entertainment, began production on a brand new independent film entitled 'Moonlight in your Blood'. Today, principle photography was completed and the next stages (editing, sound mixing, etc) will quickly begin. There may be a few reshoots and/or pickups to film but, essentially my role in the filming side of the project is complete.

It's always a sad time when this happens. I mean, it's nice to have that feeling of completion but, it's almost terrifying to think of being finished. This always happens to me when I finish a project. I guess it's because I never know when the next one will come around. There's always that nagging thought that this acting gig could be the last. You never know right?

Again, that's the pessimist in me. Everyone has that little devil on their shoulder don't they? I should be thinking about the joyful things yet to come, like completing the movie, having the movie premiere in festivals (provided the content isn't restrictive... which I'm sure it won't be. There is a genre for this type of flick and we're exploring it) and best of all, seeing/reading/hearing peoples reactions to it. I'm sure it'll be talked about, good or bad.

So, Philip and Darryl will be hard at work piece the many segments together. I guess they'll be shooting for the final deadline for the Nickel Festival but, I'm not entirely sure. Whenever it's done, it's done I figure. Defiantly for the Atlantic Film festival. From what I gather they'll be submitting it to a lot of the horror/thriller film festivals out there as well. I have a feeling there's a distinct audience that'll love this film and a whole other group that be shocked out of their boots, which is not an entirely bad thing.

I guess we'll see how it all turns out.

If you're wondering, those pics are stills from the movie. There's more posted on Still Small Entertainment's Blog, if you're interested.

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