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Friday, April 07, 2006

It's Party Time - Excellent!

Tonight we party; oh yes, we party.
It's been a long time coming this party we're having on this 7th of April. A long time indeed. A house warming party is all we've been craving since the end of Novemeber and our journey within our new palace (according to us of course) began. We've even tried to throw a bash before... with only 7 people showing up. Sad. Very sad. We were discouraged. Distraught. Disturbed.

Until now, this 7th of April. Tonight, in a mere few hours, our house will be open and entering will be a variety of mustaches... I mean, people with mustaches. It's a theme party you see; a theme about mustaches. It's a mustache party. A party whereby the men only had 5 days to grow the stache. Then, at 1 am, the ladies will vote on their fav and the lucky hairy lipped fella gets a sack of beer. Fun times. Fun times, indeed.

Timing seemed appropriate for a party because we now believe it may be bigger than can be handled. Because of our past failures we massivly promoted the party in attempt to get at least a fraction of those invited. Turns out the fraction coming is rather large.

It must have been mustaches.

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Scottage said...

I would think most people can't grow much of a stachio in 5 days. If someone could get the handle bars, I am impressed.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

You're wouldn't be the only one. I guess the only way that would happen is if someone already had a beard and just shaved down to a mustache... which I'm hoping will happen!

hibelu said...

Sounds fun... Hope you will follow up with photos.


Stephen Eli Harris said...

Most definatly!