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Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Acting Site is BACK!

I finally got a chance to update and upload my acting site today. It was a constant thorn in my side for a couple months now. A nagging reminder in the back of my brain saying 'You site is down'. It's been down for quite some time and probably quite some time before I noticed actually. I always had a problem with updates on that thing (especially since my blog addiction began) and kinda forgot about it for lengthy periods of time until finally one day a couple months ago I decided to check it out. It was then (bum, bum, bum) I noticed the server the site was hosted on disappeared from the interweb. Bastards.

So now, I'm with, which is a pretty decent hosting site. It's reliable and has ftp access which is pretty much all I want in a host. The only problem is the 50webs URL. It looks kinda cheap or something... and I guess kinda is. I mean, it is free and all and I guess until I get my own URL, this'll due. I also thought of getting a URL redirector but, those burnt me in the past too. I spent copious amounts of time promoting sites just to loose the URL I was promoting. Bastards. I learnt a lesson though, which one should do every day...

There's still a lot I want fix and update with the site, like write a better bio and include a shorter one. I also want to get some new pics for both my photos section and scrapbook. Hopefully someday soon I'll get to that. Hopefully.

Here's the link:

Or click the pic.

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