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Friday, April 14, 2006

Pearl Jam Promotions

It's just over 2 weeks before the new CD is released and the promos for it are heating up. Tonight, for example, is a big night for Pearl Jam fans (and SNL fans for that matter) as the band is set to appear live on the popular long running NBC show Saturday Night Live. Not their first time of course but, it is a first for Something. You see, tonight we PJ fans get to hear some new material live. For most, it'll be the first time they here it at all. Now, I'm not at all positive which 2 songs they'll play but I am going to make a prediction; 'World Wide Suicide' and 'Unemployable'. I guess these because they are the 2 that have been released to the public so far (besides the leaks of course). Either way, this PJ fan is pretty darn excited!

Other than SNL, PJ has done something recently that they rarely do and that is an interview to promote the album... and it's excellent. It gives a lot of insight into the band and what they believe. I gotta say that it's pretty refreshing to hear their comments, especially because it's so rare that they do it, outside of concerts and such of course.

The interview features 4 songs from the upcoming album and a bunch of clips from the recording sessions of this album. For PJ fans, it's defiantly worth the watch. Music fans as a whole really.

Finally, in other news about the band, they are set to appear on TV once again in the very near future; 2 days after the album release. Like SNL, PJ has been on this show before I believe are truly admired by the host (who is somebody I truly admire and have been watching for 12 years or more) who is none other than David Letterman.

The following is taken from their space on myspace;
Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pearl Jam on Letterman!

Here's another chance to check out the guys before they hit the road. They'll be performing on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday, May 4th. Check your local listings for time and station.

So, all in all, things are pickin' up greatly for the band. I really think this album will pull them more to the mainstream and a lot of the news songs will probably get tonnes of air time on the radio. Of course, that's just my hope and all but, one never knows.

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