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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Whistle While you Work.

Wait, who am I kidding; there's no time for whistling.

I spent the last 3 weeks working within an environment that I haven't before and can honestly say that I had an incredible time doing so. It was hectic, demanding and extremely fast paced but still proved to be an amazing experience shared with amazing people.

The work was data entry work, at the start, for a E-Learning software development company here in St. John's. It quickly progressed into much more than data entry as the projects deadline approached and the mammoth size of work needed to be done was truly realized. By the end, my cut and pasting work turned into almost fully understanding a code I've never seen before and being able to manipulate it to do my wishes.

I like learning things. I like challenges. This experience was both... and then some. I actually realized at one point during the course of it all that this type of work was very similar to creating a film. There's a broad use of multiple talents brought together to achieve a piece of art. An extremely technical piece of art but, art none the less...

It's always great when you discover things about yourself. Not only have I proven to me that I do have some of the skillsets to work in this field (which I was confident in anyway from my years of playin' with pc's) but I've also narrowed down the type of work I could tolerate most when not able to do the acting thing. I need work that produces an end product and is challenging, simple as that. Repetitive jobs that have an endless cycle of the same (ie: Retail) kill me during a time that I'm already down from not being able to work in my chosen field.

Man, 2006 is turning out to be an incredible year of discovering myself. I'm excited to see where the next 7 months bring me...

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