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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Official Ghost Rider Movie Teaser

Okay, I've been waiting for what happened today for a very long time. Today marks the release of the first ever official release of a Ghost Rider movie teaser and/or trailer... and it's freakin' unbelievable.

Help make it rise to number one in the top 100!

I'm so impressed with what I see here. Ghost Rider himself looks brilliant (pardon the pun) and what he can do is very impressive. Seems they covered the spectrum of tricks nicely. The bike is beautiful and his chain usage is supreme.

All I can say if everyone is not interested after this, they wont be.

Edit: Here's the international version which is a little different.


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danadana said...

OMG that looks like an AWESOME movie, can't wait can't wait! Also, X-Men this weekend - aaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm flippin' out!

Ricardo said...

I too am a Marvel fan. Read quite a bit of their comics growing up, focusing mainly on Spider-man but read Fantastic 4, Punisher, X-Men, X-Factor and few others. This looks very cool and hopefully will be another home run for Marvel's movie run. Thanks for your comments on my blog and your 9/11 site is food for thought.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Huge Marvel fan here. I pretty much wont step out of the universe actually. Even better, I'm into the occult/supernatural side of the Marvel U so my collection is all monsters and ghouls. Gotta love it.

Dana, X3 is gonna kick serious ass... if the Ghost Rider trailer that comes before it doesn't steal the thunder.

Mwa Ha Ha

danadana said...

X3 is tomorrow, isn't it? Any plans for a group outing? Holly is working and can't go with me, but I'd love to see it opening night. That is, if I'm not at Bluedrop.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

That trailer was fucking awesome. I haven't heard anything about ghostrider, except what you have told me, but seems like Nicholas Cage was a good choice to play him. the CGi looks pretty cool. It has definitely peaked my interest, and of course, I am going to see X3...whoohoo...

Stephen Eli Harris said...

X3 was great. I'm not sure what else to say about it right now as I have a lot of mixed emotions.

As for GR, that trailer looks 10 times better on the big screen. The online version just does NOT do it justice. I'm so freakin' pumped for this movie and it's hard to contain.

Dana, sorry I didn't get back to you about the group outting. Mainy because there wasn't one. I went with a friend at noon and then with Manda again last night.

I likes movies. Especially Marvel movies.

danadana said...

Yeees, I went to see X3 this arvo, and saw the GR trailer, too. OMG it looks awesome, I dig Nick Cage like crazy!

X3 was good. I reckon it's the one that you most need to have some background knowledge of the comic to fully understand.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Ahh, not really because they really strayed away from the comic in the last movie. They did a mix and match kinda thing. I liked it much better the second time as I wasn't as critical and just enjoyed the ride.