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Monday, July 24, 2006

All Good Things Come to an End

Well, the Nickel Festival has come and gone and I can't help to feel a little saddened over it all. It only happens once a year afterall and the week goes by so quickley that it's hard to enjoy it. In addition to that, I think it'll be my last time enjoying the festival as I plan on being out of Newfoundland by this time next year... before really.

I didn't get a chance to enjoy every night this year as funds are low and time is short. I did get 3 nights of awesome movies in though and from what I can tell, it was a huge sucess. The seats were filled and the movies fantastic. All in all, great time for those involved and those just out to enjoy.

The awards night was interesting once again with some surprises but, most of them were not really surprising at all. I can't help to feel dissapointed over the fact that 'Moonlight...' wasn't recognized. Not for me so much but for the guys at Still Small Entertainment. These two (Darryl and Philip) work so hard to bring fresh, unique and hard hitting entertainment to the local scene and have yet to be recognized for that hard work. For the past three years they've had a film in the festival (which is quite the honor in itself, don't get me wrong), each one incredibly different than anything else coming out of this province. What's even more interesting is that these two do just about everything themselves on a very limited budget. I mean, that's the definition of independent film and it would be great if the folks at the Nickel would recognize that.

Regardless, the folks have spoken and nothing should be taken away from those who did win. Their films (the ones that I saw) were great and I'm sure everyone worked just as hard.

From the Nickel Festival Site:


Audience Choice Award
Thick & Thin (Jordan Canning, writer/director)
Best Story or Screenplay
The Seventh Dog (Zeina Durra, writer)
CinequipWhite Emerging Filmmaker Award
Christine Poker (My People's Journey)
Jury Award for Animation
Changes (Lorcan Finnegan, director)
Jury Award for Cinematography
Les Pieds dans le Vide (Giulia Frati, director of photography)
Jury Award for Production Design
Dark Arc (John R. Taylor, production designer)
Jury Awards for Acting
Harriet Cox (Judith)
Sylina Jones (Thick & Thin)
Best Documentary Film
An Ordinary Family (Fredrik Gertten, director)
Best Dramatic Film
Rogairi (Thomas Cosgrove, director)
Best Newfoundland and Labrador Film
Keeping Up With Cathy Jones (Barbara Doran, director)

Congratulations folks. I hope to see more in the future. Good luck and never give up.

By the way, I'd like to point out that the Nickel Festival has a myspace page as well, for those who are into that highly popular site: CLICK HERE

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