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Ghost Rider Movie Updates

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 | 7/26/2006 02:48:00 pm

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A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks when it comes to the much anticipated Ghost Rider movie. So much that it's almost hard to deal with, in fact. It's funny cuz we (the Ghost Rider fans) wait so long between news and then, all of a sudden, everything explodes. I just hope it's not so long before we get more. Either way, there's tones to keep you busy if you're interested.

The Official Site:

Finally we get an awesome flash site for the movie with tonnes of goodies found throughout. The music is awesome, the design spectacular and the information found is titillating. With wallpapers, chat icons, a blog and even an online game, this place has kept me busy for hours.

Check it out: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/ghostrider/
Click "Enter the Site"

For the blog (which has one video entry so far) go to the following: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/ghostrider/blog/

This past weekend saw thousands of people take part in the annual San Diego Comic Con. This year, Ghost Rider was out in full effect. Toys, interviews and even a full panel in the largest hall of the con which hosted Mark Steven Johnson, Nic Cage and Eva Mendes. Unfortunately, there is no full footage of the event but we do know that they showed footage from the movie, which apparently was unbelievable. Most notably is a transformation scene which reports tell us is extremely brutal looking... which is perfect! I really want to see it and am hoping that Sony will release it on their blog or something in the near future.

What's most awesome about this panel is that the fans of Ghost Rider who spend a lot of time at SuperHeroHype got a shout out from Mark Steven Johnson (The director) who visits and chats with the fans there. There is footage of that however, provide by WiscoD on the hype, who is the guy asking the question.

How awesome is that?

For a large roundup of the Con I suggest a visit to the best place on the net for Ghost Rider news; Internapse Ghost Rider. It has tonnes of information including pictures, links and a rundown of what was talked about.

What are you waiting for? Go on. http://www.internapse.com/ghostrider.html

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Imogenery said...

The whole thing seems promising. There's no doubt about that. But I've been a fan of Ghost Rider for long enough to be fearful of jinxing the entire outcome of the film by teasing my already heightened expectations. (I've also always made it a habit of knocking on wood long before the release of any Marvel adaptation, but that may be my preference for DC talking.) Call it a strange mix of superstition and comic devotee paranoia.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Wow, there's still DC fans out there after the horrible Superman movie? Who would'a thunk? hehe.

I'm pretty excited about Ghost Rider. I've been following the development closely for 3 years and have even had conversations with the director himself on SuperHeroHype. Because of that (and my love in the character) I have all the faith in the world.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Imogenery said...

Superman Returns may not have been the Citizen Kane of DC films, but it certainly wasn't "horrible." (There were plenty of performances, such as those of Frank Langella and Kevin Spacey, that certainly weren't deserving of the classification of "horrible.") Besides, I'm a fan of DC for the merit of the comics themselves, not the films.

As for "faith" in films in general, I'd never be so devout, even if my beloved Hitchcock were still alive. I hope for the best, but never hope for too much.

I'd hope to hear assurance from Mark Steven Johnson, being Ghost Rider's director. No doubt it's a labour of love to a particular degree, but a lack of obvious public enthusiasm would certainly look bad for the Sony Pictures public relations department.

Oh well. All shall be revealed soon enough.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

The lack of enthusiasm is coming from the fact that very little is known about the character in general and more so the movie itself. That'll all change when the promo campaign hits hard as for most folks, it'll be impossible to not be intrigued by the image itself.

Personally, I have faith in a lot of movies (including Supes after seeing the trailer) and it probably has something to do with just being a non overly critical viewer of movies. I'm there for the ride first and foremost and if the ride is at all okay, I'm pleased.

My reasons for being faithful for Ghost Rider is because I spent the last 3 years following the progression and have litteraly watched it grow from just an idea, to the filming to the year long post production and finally, in Feb, to the viewing. In a way, I kinda feel like I've had a hand in helping the development of it because I know the director (and others involved) had very close contact with the fans of the character and may very well have taken some of our ideas or suggestions. Who knows?

Anyway, about Superman, yeah, perhaps horrible is a strong word. Kevin Spacey was indeed a shining light in the flight and perhaps the only thing that saved it at all for me. As for a Superman tale (which is already done to death) it just provided us with nothing new and the choices made by the development team were, in my opinion, just horrible. I mean, Supes with a kid? Come on.

Imogenery said...

If little is known about Ghost Rider, I'd hate to see the state of things if they suddenly decided to make a film version of The Spectre or Doctor Strange. Ha!

As for the issue of Superman having a child, that situation has occurred quite a few times in past situations in the comic book plot lines (some children with Lois, some with Wonder Woman, et cetera). But comics by their nature are recycled and reinvented for new generations, much the same as myths and legends are in a broader scope. In this case, however, Superman Returns is a film, not a component of comic book plot line. Be it lacking in its presentation or not, it shouldn't have to offer any new material in the way of the actual comic's ongoing plots.

But getting back to the issue of Ghost Rider, with any luck things will turn out for the best. By my nature I can't help but be critical of film, so I'll be there during the opening week, eager to see whether or not my expectations have been satisfied. :)

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Being critical is great. To conform is to die. Make your opinions know every opportunity you're given, I say.

I'm really quite excited about Ghost Rider now though. I've been chatting about this movie almost obsessivly on the hype for the past 3 years. I've watched it develope very closely sometimes talking directly with the director. Crazy when you think about it...

I'm pretty sure that's why I'm so excited and hopeful for the movie though, because the director took the time to connect with the fans of the character. I know this for a fact. Combine that with seeing things you've never seen before makes an incredible experience, I think.

I'm really excited. 139 days to go... and what's even cooler is that the next trailer is being released with Grudge 2. Grudge 2 comes out on Oct 13th.. which is my birthday. I get a Ghost Rider trailer released on my birthday.


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