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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Never Forget: 9/11 was an Inside Job!


danadana said...

Dude, such a burn! I just realized that I'll be out of town for the Nickel, so I won't get to see your movie - bugger! Will it be showing at any other time/place? Seriously, you oughta have a home premiere or something.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

If you want people to learn the truth (rather than the "extremist" consipracy pov, which is what most of the c.t's want us to hear and see) than create a website where you present in an EQUAL fashion, all the evidence, all the arguements, from BOTH sides. By only showing the "evidence" and "opinions" of those who clearly have as much of an agenda for their own side of things, as the politicians themselves, you do nothing to bring the TRUTH forward.

Not once have I seen here, a posting of the Popular Mechanics article, with a suggestion from you that they read it and come to their own conclusions. Why, because in many (not all, but many) ways it debunks alot of the theories. Also, I have not seen a reference to the Nova article/program after 9/11 where a world famous professor of physics and materials explained in detail how the towers came down, and why.

I havent seen you play the article from CNN where the famous quote in "Loose Change" from a news reporter, was show to be taken completely out of context, and used completely in appropriately by the makers of that documentary. The reporter who's line they mis quoted actually came out and said they took only a fragment of what he said, out of context, and then misrepresented it.

Come on man. I agree questions need to be answered, but If you want others to take seriously the claims that not all is as it seems wrt 9/11 than be unbias in your presentations.

And with that, my obsessed, but well intentioned friend, I bid

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Oh Darryl, I really thought you woke up after the end of our last conversation dealing with this but, clearly you are bent on this popular mechanics article as you sole underlying proof that people like me are crazy.

Have you even read one of the articles I posted on the 9/11 site or watched one of the nearly 60 documentaries dealing with the subject? Have you actually done any research on your own dealing with that day or is the Popular Mechanics article the only thing you've read? Actually, have you even read it or are you just quoting it.

Also, for your information, the article is linked from the 9/11 site. I've never spoke in depth about it because the very people we want investigated were involved with the writting of the article. That is not an unbiased reference and therefor is useless to me. Besides, it's been debunked and questioned by many.

Regardless, the fact is, everyone can get a hold of that article and everyone can hear the news stations talking about that article or the elements of it. The truth, now that's harder to find because nobody is talking about it. The news stations ignore the movement are newspapers refuse to publish articles. That's where I, my site, and people like me (and the site) come in.

Having said that, my next post on the 9/11 site will be discussing that article and with it, I'll post all the responses to it.

If you believe that the folks trying to expose the actions of this elite group of people (which has been going on for decades) have their own agenda besides freedom, then you are completly lost to the prison we're all living in. I can understand if you don't want to face the truth as you have a life, with a family and a job which, as you've told me before, make you not want to think about these things. Fine, then don't think about it. Don't believe it. It really makes no difference to me because I know that someday you'll have to believe it. What I'm trying to do is open your eyes so that when you're being forced into a concentration camp or kept in your homes with police/army men patrolling the streets, you'll understand why.

In addition, there are plently of people who take me very seriously and plenty of them have contacted me to thank me for spreading this truth and opening their eyes to it. The movement is growing and soon it cannot be ignored any longer.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

Man, you are really truely beginning to lose it. You sound more like this Alex Jones character now, then you do Steve Harris. I was not trying to offend you, yet your reply to me seems to belittle my opinions. Where in my reply to you did I belittle...I don't think I did. I was genuine in calling you both obsessed and well intnetioned.

I am always reading articles, and if you read what I said, I was not disagreeing with you, but merely saying, if you want the truth, then present all of the evidence, and let your readers decide.

Like I said. Posting only theories disputing official 9/11 is as bad as only posting theories that prove it. post both, and let others decide.

Or better yet, I agree with Steven Jones, Lets re-open the investigation, lets get a group of INDEPENDENT SCIENTISTS, with no ties to EITHER SIDE, no grants from EITHER SIDE, to analyze all the data, and see what their conclusions are. Unfortunately if we did that, none of your top experts would be included, as they have agendas. And then of course, no matter what the independent study found, you would likely say it was all a consipracy to disclude your experts, and hence any conclusions they made, unless in your favor, would false and villainous.

why don't you post a link to

why not look for evidence that works against your hypothesis, and post it. A true scientific study would do that.

And I am currently reading Mr. Stephen Jones article on the "Controlled Demolition" theory, and the Thermite hypothesis. I am also reading articles that indicate, while his theory is plausible, there are also many other plausible explanations. The "yellow" streaks coming from the south tower could be aluminum mixing with rust, with a large surface area of aluminum, to create a thermite type explosion/event. Finding molten metal proves nothing, as reports from 9/11 say it wasn't just the jet fuel, but the superheating from burning components within the offices etc... that lead to the superheating temperatures that melted the steel.

So in the end your theory is that big brother has been decieving us all for at least 70 years, that the U.S. government was in bed with hitler, and what else Steve.

You should attend the next big 9/11 truth movement conference, as I am sure there will be much more fuel there to add to your fire.

Oh well. If the majority of the sane public hold the same believes you and your followers have, then they will elect democrats into the US government in 2008, and all will be well...but no wait, big brother is big brother, so it doesn't matter which party they come from...does it?

For every government, there will be an anti-government movement, until anarchy finally takes over, and Rome

Until then, I just wanna make movies, enjoy life, and then die.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

I just remembered you telling me what a "Troll" was on the internet. Then I am looking at your attitude and comments made to me in your rebuttal, and I am thinking that many of your patronizing comments to me seemed almost "troll" like.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

You know something, I look up to Alex Jones because he has the balls to face those who are oppressing him. He's not just sitting down, watching TV and eating cheetos while this "Big Brother" you speak of takes all his rights and freedoms. This man has no agenda besides freedom. He's not a politician. He's just a regular guy like me trying to make a difference in this world.

You still don't understand the full picture and it's probably because you haven't connected all the dots. The elections in the US are rigged. The one in 2000 is proof of that; do some research. Therefor, those who get in power are put in power by the people who want them in power, not the people of the US. Therefor, we may never see (this year or ever) a true representation of the people in US government. Furhtermore, we may never see a true representation of the people in our own government either now that the plans of the elite have progressed this far.

This goes way beyond 9/11. It just so happens that this day in particular was photgraphed (pictures and video) more than any event in history which gives us the ability to find truth. This is just one terror attack that was created by elements of the US government.

>> So in the end your theory is that >> big brother has been decieving us >> all for at least 70 years, that >> the U.S. government was in bed
>> with hitler, and what else Steve.

Yes, that is absolutly correct. Big Brother has been lying, cheating and creating false terror attacks for centuries. There are several known events in our history that prove elements of the US govenment have attacked themselves in pretext for war.

Furhtermore, about Hitler, Prescott Bush (the current Bush's grandpappy) was responsible for funding Hitlers war. Look it up. The same bank funded both the Americans and the Nazi's and you still have questions about the global elite? You're the crazy one Darryl.

>> why don't you post a link to

Okay. Sure, will do. There are thousands of other links I could add as well but, I'm just one person running a huge blog and it takes time to get everything done.

>> why not look for evidence that
>> works against your hypothesis,
>> and post it. A true scientific
>> study would do that.

I'm not a scientist. I'm a citizen concerned for our welfare trying to spread information not being spread by those trusted by most; IE, Mainstream media.

>> For every government, there will >> be an anti-government movement, >> until anarchy finally takes over, >> and Rome

By the way, the burning of Rome is probably the earliest example of using a horrible event in pretext for war. Nero blamed that fire on the Christians which sparked the earliest Persecution of Christians in Rome. Many believe Nero set the fire himself.

>> Until then, I just wanna make
>> movies, enjoy life, and then die.

Then do so and stop wasting your time trying to change my mind. It won't happen because I finally found truth in this world and I'm holding onto it.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

As I said, my reason for responding is not to change your mind. Some of it is my inner need to debate. I have always liked to argue, and in this case, your pov feeds the need, as it is polar to

On the other hand, I know you are not a scientist, and for that very reason, my argument may be feutile, as if you don't agree with the scientific method, or quality of evidence, than I can say all I want, and it wouldn't make a difference.

As I said to you in the email, I will stop here, not because I feel I can't win an arguement, as it isnt about that, but rather, I value you as a friend and I know your intentions are in the right place. It will make for interesting conversation in 20 years, that is for sure, one way or the other.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

You're right, I'm not a scientist but there are countless others in the Truth Movement who are and are working very hard to get their findings to the general public. I'm helping them do that.

Tim D. Anderson said...

You need to wake up.

9/11 nor 7/7 were inside jobs. They were attacks on the west by those who despise everything the west stands for.

The Patriot Act and its sequel are excellent examples of protecting both freedom from attack and freedom of expression.

To summarize: you need to wake up

danadana said...

Why are we bothering to argue about stuff so removed from our own experience, when Stephen Harper is trying to dismantle the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? It's all that stops us from being pulled over for "random checks" all the time (among other things) which I have experienced elsewhere and let me tell you it's weird to know that you're never in the clear.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I may have something to do with feeling a little bitter that nobody listened to me during the election.

Just kidding.

I feel that exposing the truth behind the rights and freedoms being torn away from Americans, it'll help make Canadians aware of how that has been achieved. If we recognize how they are controlling through fear, we will recognize when our government progresses their similar controlling ways.

Besides, it's a global movement that I'm taking on. It's the New World Order. It's the Globalists that I'm really making people aware of, not just those who are members of the US Government.

Watch out for the North American Union. Let's see how Harper handles that or how he goes about trying to convince us that it's a good thing.

Anyhoo... so much information, so little time.

Oh, and I missed you first post didn't I? Too bad you can't make it too the flick but, I'll have a DVD sometime hopefully.

The Artistic Macrophage said...

You'll have a DVD when I say so...whaahaahaahaa

just kidding. You'll get a copy when we have finished running the festival circuit. When you come to the nickel this year steve, I will give you your official copy of the last film, SSV.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I don't know what I'm more excited about, the new film or the old film on DVD. Either way, it's going to be a good week.

Yee Haw!