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Thursday, November 09, 2006 Reviews 'Moonlight..."

The producer for Still Small Entertainment and 'Moonlight in Your Blood' contacted me yesterday letting me know that another review is up for their/our horror flick. This time it's on...

Here's the review....
Title: Moonlight In Your Blood
Director: Phillip David Hogan
Country: Canada
Rating: 6.5
Reviewer: C Dempsey

I've watched a ton of indie horror recently. Indie horror is an up and down thing, truly. In the genre there is a ton of more misses than there are direct hits. Often times the misses are a direct effect of the filmmaker actually trying to out do what can actually be afforded. The ones that succeed are the ones where the filmmaker realizes the budget and maximizes what can actually be accomplished. "Moonlight In Your Blood" truly maximizes its 500 dollar shoe string budget.

"Moonlight In Your Blood" is a strange tale of a young doctors journey into becoming a blood addict. No, he's not addicted to collecting blood novelties. He becomes addicted to drinking the blood of his partner. More than this idea though, I found myself interchanging the story with many, many drug tells I have seen on film. All of the stages are there. The initial taste, the over indulgence, and the desperation. I felt the feeling of the destruction the addiction not only does to the addict, but to the people in his life who feel the roughest repercussions of the habit. All though this film is about one man’s thirst for type a positive, I can see it making a lot of people very uncomfortable. I don't know if the correlation I made was on purpose or not. Probably not, I bet I could watch a film about someone addicted to cheese and walk away with the same idea.

I also liked the way the story was told. Again here the director did not reach for something that couldn't be pulled off with the minimal budget. This is a tutorial in minimalism. I liked the way that in the beginning everything was clear. As the character starts to fall apart, the film makes the viewer feel a little disjointed as well. This isn't something that happens fast. The script here is thick and full. There is enough story here for the film to never become dull. Most of the time indie films fall apart and try to become too pretentious and leave the viewer. "Moonlight In Your Blood" never does this. This is a solid effort for Phillip David Hogan. The director has created a very moody black and white horror that appeals to not only the indie viewer, but the traditional horror fan as well. I will give this it Hogan as well, at certain points of the film he made my stomach churn.

"Moonlight In Your Blood" is one black and white indie horror where the blood actually has more power with no color. The film is a great journey into the madness of addiction that takes an extra step... a cannibalism liquid diet.

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