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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm going to New York!!!

And for what reason, not in a million years, would you believe me. But, please do because what I'm about to tell you is absolutely true... unless, of course, I am asleep. That, as well, is quite possible...

Anyway, 3 nights ago I get a message from the director of Ghost Rider (We're members of the same popular message board and have been for several years, just so you know a little history. It was amazing when he first let his membership known. He's after giving we fans an incredible insight to the making of this movie) out of the blue. He asks me what I'm doing on the 15th of February. In short, I say something to the effect of nearly having a heart attack because the release of the movie is the next day. He reply's with this...
A 'near' heart attack just isn't good enough, Stephen. So I'd like you to come and be my guest in New York for the premiere (and if that didn't give you a full heart attack I'm out of ideas!). Seriously, I told Sony that I wanted to invite three fans that have been there since the beginning for us and they agreed. They'd fly you the morning of the 15th, put you up somewhere, you'd walk the red carpet, then home the next day.

What do you say?

I guess it doesn't take much more than the mental capacity of fish to know what I said. So, I'm goin' to New York... and it's to see the world premiere of the movie I've been waiting over a decade to see... as a guest of the director....

How the hell does this shit happen? Is it really happening?

MSJ tells the Hype about the premiere...

Front Page News on Superherohype.com

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