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Details on Ghost Rider Premiere Trip

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Monday, February 19, 2007 | 2/19/2007 02:23:00 am

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From the best day of my life, to the worst and back again, here is my premiere day rundown.

My trip to New York kinda started on Monday of last week. This is the day that going to see the Premiere of Ghost Rider was starting to become real in my mind. Before then, it always felt like I was dreaming. Anyway, this is the day that I got a phone call from The Telegram to do an interview about the trip, as most of you've seen in this thread. Over the next couple of days, this front page article spawned a bunch of local promotion; print, radio and Tv. I still get recognized around town...

It even received national attention by way of ET Canada but, unfortunately, that turned out to be a lost opportunity. More on that in a second. Let's move to Thursday now actually, the day of the premiere. I'm a detailed oriented person, at times, so this may be long. Plus, it'll help me remember the day... not that there's really a chance that I'll ever forget.

I think I'll do this in a time line. Yeah... that's the ticket (which, by the way, I'm really sad that I didn't get a premiere ticket. They looked incredible...)

-->> 6:00 Am (Newfoundland time, 1.5 hrs ahead of NY)

I wake up and finish last minute packing, showering and all that Jazz.

-->> 8:00 Am (NL Time, 1.5 Hrs ahead of NY)

I arrive at the airport in St. John's (my hometown). I proceed to check in my bags and when I do so, the ticket agent (or whatever they're called) recognized me from the news piece that aired the night before. Of course, she and the other 2 who where there, asked me questions. It's really starting to hit me hard what was about to happen at this point.

This is also the point that I realize I showed up WAY to early. My flight wasn't until 10:15 and there was literally nobody in the airport. So, I wait. I read my copy of Midnight Son's Magazine and wait.

-->> 10:00 Am (NL Time, 1.5 hrs ahead of NY)

After going through security about 45 minutes before and waiting near the gate entrance (while having a wonderful chat with a complete stranger to pass the time), this is when the first report of a delay in the flight. They say there is some mechanical trouble and the crew are looking at it.

Oh, at this point, we should remember that there was bad weather hitting many areas of the States and working it's way towards me. I actually started out the morning worrying that weather may cancel my flight. Fortunately, the weater didn't hamper my first flight at all..

-->> 11:00ish Am (NL Time, 1.5 hrs ahead of NY

The flight is canceled. Mechanical troubles ground the plane (yes, ironically, not weather). I'm forced to rush to the ticket agents and make new arrangements to get to NY. This turns out to be a very long process because of the international travel factor and the changing of airplanes.

As it turns out though, when the original ticket agent (the one that recognized me earlier) heard my flight was canceled, she immediately booked a ticket on the only other flight that would get me to NY today. I'm so grateful to this person. If it hadn't of been for her booking 1 of the only 2 seats left (and even better, executive class seats) I would never have left Newfoundland.

-->> 12:50 Pm (NL Time, 1.5 Hrs ahead of NY)

The new flights departure time. This one now going all the way to Toronto, Ontario (away from NY) instead of to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also, because the plane had to be de-iced, it was at least 30 mins late leaving. ```

-->> 4:00 Pm (Eastern time, 1.5 behind Newfoundland)

I arrive in Toronto and have to get my bags, check them in again and go through customs (at an entirely new terminal which I have to get on a air train to get to). I also decide to, at this point, change into the clothes (in the airport bathroom) that I was wearing that night. I was supposed to be in NY at 2:30 with plenty of time to freshen up and what not.

-->> 5:15 Pm (Eastern, -1.5)

My flight to New York's original departure time.

-->> 8:30 Pm (EST, -1.5)

My flight to New York's actual departure time. Now, the weather that was approaching Canada from the south is affecting flights. Mine is delayed 3 hours. Again, I sit waiting in an airport as the day of my life is slipping away.

-->> 10ish PM (Est, -1.5)

Finally, I reach New York. At this point, my mind, body and spirit are on autopilot and time ceases to exist. As I go to get my luggage, I meet the driver who was to take me to my location. After finding out from the very amazing Amy (by phone) where I was to go (the after party) he took me there. I had an awesome conversation about New York with him as I drove through the biggest (by a long shot) place I've ever been. It was pretty amazing... until finally reaching the club with bags in tow.

-->> The After Party (Screw Time)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe first thing I notice after being dropped off is the Hellcycle sitting about 5 feet away from me. Reality hits. I call Amy and tell her that I'm here and she comes out to meet me and bring me inside. I return to get some snaps of the bike later on.

The bar was really nice and most of the stars were kinda centralized in a part sectioned off by couches and bodyguards. After checking my coat (and luggage) into the coat check and having a brief chat with MM and BG, I go to the bar for a drink. This is when Eva walks in with her posse (as I like to call it). That was fun...

After a while Mark noticed us outside the sectioned off area and moves to bring us inside. After a hug, we chat about me missing the movie, the movie itself. It was a brief chat, most of the chats with each person was, due mainly to it being a bar (with music) and them being people that people want to chat with. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAfter a few minutes, he asked if we want to me Nic and of course, we want to.

We chatted with Nic about where we were from, the movie itself, his and Mark's fanhood of Ghost Rider and then had a picture taken with him and Mark before moving on to Eva. Didn't say very much to her, personally. I can't really remember much anyway but, we did take a few pics which was really nice.

After meeting the stars, we moved on to the behind the scenes folks. We met Kevin Mack first I think... or it could have been Ari Arad. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMaybe the other guys (who went) on the hype can clear that up but, Ari was awesome. We had a really long chat with him about this place, the movie, future movies. He was so approachable I found. Great guy.

Then, we met his dad, Avi. Big moment for me as I've always been a huge fan of his. He just always seemed like a lovable guy. Didn't chat with him that much but, I did get to mention how huge of a fan I am of his and asked him if he's going to bring us GR2. He said "We'll see after this weekend".

Gary was our next encounter, as in Foster (Aquinnah). He was such a nice man as well. We had a really long talk with him the hype and about how much Mark appreciated the fans. He really seemed to make it a point to reinforce that (as if we didn't know eh?). Great guy though. Really neat to get to meet him, especially after chatting with him here. Awesome guy.

A little while after meeting Gary, we noticed that Wes (Bentley) seemed to be getting ready to leave so we talked to Amy about meeting him. Of course, being as awesome as she is, she made it happen. Wes was awesome. Probably my favorite conversation of the entire night. I found it so easy to chat with him and what's funny, is that I barely talked about GR at all. It was mostly about American Beauty and him working with Kevin Spacey (because he's a fav, huge fan of mine). Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI did ask him if he'd return to a sequel and he said "We'll, he didn't so, it's possible". I said something along the lines of him being a franchise villain now and he told me to be sure to tell the studio that. Really, Really nice guy though. He's not just an awesome actor.

Shortly after this, MSJ approached us again and told us that he was leaving. We said our thanks and good bye's and that was it. I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get more of a chance to talk with Mark. He was the one I wanted to meet most after all and it's still surreal that I did meet him. It kinda sucks that I didn't see the movie at the point of meeting him. Either way, he's an incredible man and I'm forever in his debt for doing this for us.

-->> After the After Party (Time is no matter still)

After finding out that drinks are now not free and also very expensive, we decide to leave the bar and head back to the hotel. Me, I check in and go upstairs to drop off my bags. Then the 3 of us and one of MM's friends go out to "Flame" (how freakin' perfect is that), which is right next to the hotel. After some good eats and some awesome conversation (and funny enough, very little of it about Ghost Rider) with some really awesome people (people I'm really happy to have finally met) we return to the hotel room.

-->> 4:00ish Am (EST, 5:30 Am Newfoundland time. Nearly 24 hours since I woke the day before)

I go to bed, still excited and peacefully drift asleep.

-->> 7:00 Am (EST, 8:30 NLST)

I wake up. Get showered and packed and ready to leave.

-->> 8:00 Am (EST, 9:30 NLST)

I'm picked up and taken to the airport. This is an hour drive and the driver isn't as talkative as the first. I spend the my time looking at New York (during this absolutly beautiful day) and think about what had happend the past few hours.

-->> 9:00ish Am (Est 10:30 NLST)

After a very long drive, we get to the airport and I proceed to do all my necessary airport stuff.

-->> 11:30 Am (EST 1:00 NLST)

The departure time for the flight out. It's about 30-45 mins delayed but, I have no further hitches that day. I actually arrive at the exact time, to the minute, that I was supposed to on my itinerary.

-->> 6:20 Pm (Newfoundland Time)

I arrive, get my luggage, get a cab home and prepare myself to go see the movie (for the first time). Unfortuanly, however, I can't find my house key and have to wait outside for 45 minutes for my room mate to arrive. When he does, I quickley get ready, pick up my girlfriend and proceed to the cinema.

-->> 9:25 pm (Newfoundland Time)

The lights dim and, finally, I watch the movie I've been waiting over a decade to see happen (along with 4 years of my life closely following it's process).


Even though I spent a majority of Thursday in a major depression sitting alone in airports, the trip was amazing. I'm so grateful to Mark for making this happen. He's an amazing person folks and I honestly would not have wanted any other man directing this movie. I'll never, for the rest of my life, forget this experience.

Oh, and I'm really looking forward to meeting BG and MM again. I'm gonna try and convince them to come visit me in Newfoundland... and that's an open invitation to any of you buggers.

And... that's it for me. Hope you enjoyed.

Oh, and about ET Canada... yeah, I didn't get a chance to do an interview with them. They went down there solely for that purpose... and it didn't happen. Sad... and funny.

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Table Mountains said...

now that's about the best article im going to read all day! your a lucky dog!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Very luck... and I guess unlucky at the same time. It was certainly the best article I've written... perhaps in my life.

Tina Chaulk said...

Wow, that was a roller coaster of a day. But how wonderful that you did get the opportunity. It sounds totally amazing. The pictures were fantastic. Talk about dreams coming true (ones you probably hadn't even dared to dream). I am so happy for you.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Actually, I dreamed this many many times. Regardless, it was still very surreal. An amazing experience that there is no way I'll ever forget.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

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