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Monday, March 05, 2007

Sucker for Social Networking Sites

Stephen Harris' Facebook profile

So, I'm a huge sucker for these networking sites, it seems. First, many years ago, it was Hi5 (you can find my profile here if interested) that first made me away that sites like this were around. Then, a couple of months ago, it was MySpace (my page is here) and now, I've found another...

FaceBook is by far my favorite of the the 3. It's much more like Hi5 than MySpace but, I like it better than Hi5 because it has better options and more to do. I like it much better than Myspace because that has turned into such a business networking site that nobody really converses there anymore. It's all about getting people to come to your page. I mean, it's great for actors, music makers and all that jazz but, just for friends, not so much.

Warning however; Facebook is highly addicting.

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