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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back on Track Towards 'The Dark Tower'

It has been over two years ago since I last posted about The Dark Tower; since I began my journey with Roland and his 'Ka-Tet': Well, to be more precise; re-began my journey. If you recall (which I'm sure you don't) I went back to the start of this incredible Saga when the first of the last 3 books were set to be released. However, as fate would have it, I'm only getting to the 5th installment now.

I completed (for the 2nd time) 'Wizard and Glass' tonight and I am all too thrilled to continue down the 'path of the beam' with the gang. Now that I know so much more about Roland and how how lust for the Tower began, I just can't stop thinking about where this quest will go.

It was quite refreshing to get this one done actually, as I was truly reading it for far too long... not that I'm a slow reader or anything. I just wasn't really reading it. That's the problem; because my mind works in patterns which causes me to dive into a few things hard for a while, forgetting all other things. In this case, what I was leaving out as I swam in otherthoughts was the quest for the tower.

In all fairness, life did take a dramatic turn creating a few reasons for my shift in focus. I started a new job within this time frame and also, more importantly, discovered 9/11 truth. In essence, it was this focus on the realities of 9/11 that took me away from a lot of things as of late. Not that I'm saying that this attention I gave (and give) to this movement was (is) a bad thing. I'm just saying it ate up some time... a lot of time. In a way, that quest is my Dark Tower...

Regardless, here I am back in the world(s) of Roland (and the mind of Stephen King) once again, enthralled by the story, eating it up page after page. I can't explain how excited I am to crack open Wolves of the Calla for the first time ever and finally finish this legacy once and for all... perhaps just to turn around and read it again.

In the meantime, having said all that, I will be returning to comic lust for a short while to read the Marvel version of the Dark Tower. A friend (and co-worker) of mine let me borrow it and considering the tale is mostly based on what I just finished reading, the timing couldn't be more perfect...

... Lets just hope that my dabble back into the comic world doesn't set off that Ghost Rider lust of mine again. I mean, that part of me is LONG overdue and if that happens, I may never get to the Tower with Roland and his posse ever again.


Waterrose said...

I've read the series and need to read it again. I have the book you have pictured, but have yet to read it.

Twitter...I know it seems that I wrote about it and then I have seen posts about it everywhere. It's working out well for me. Well...I keep forgetting that I'm suppose to write something every now and then...then I remember and go post. It's been fun so far.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

That's the exact book that I have as well. Twas a good one!

I'm lovin' 'Wolves...', by the way. I can't put it down!