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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BODY OF WAR released on DVD Oct 28th

It was months ago that I first watched this video...

And today I learn that the DVD version of the movie this song was created for is set to be released later on this month. It's particularly interesting for me as this event touches on a couple of interests (obsessions); Pearl Jam and Activism. It's quite beautiful that these two things mix actually. Being the strong Anti War supporter that I am, I find it very encouraging that my favorite band in the entire universe shares that sentiment. Eddie particularly. This song is truly beautiful...

... And I'm sure the movie is equally so. I can't wait to see it!

The following synopsis was posted on Pearl Jam's Myspace blog
Directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, the multi award-winning Body of War splits its time between Tomas's arduous daily reality in Kansas City, MO, and the legislative processes that led up to the invasion of Iraq in 2002. Senatorial speeches and a running tally of pro-war votes are interspliced with intimate footage of Tomas as he navigates through the acute physical and emotional impacts of his injury. A testament to the power of parallel images, the film adeptly juxtaposes the sanitized vantage point of Washington with raw personal experience. In the end, this contrast forces viewers to question the motives, methods, and ever-rising cost of the conflict in Iraq.

A deeply moving and bracingly honest film, Body of War narrates a story that must be heard - story of courage, conviction, and resistance.

"A heart-wrenching and yet deeply affirming story" - The New York Times

"Unforgettably intimate รข€¦ Un-missable" - The Toronto Star

"Architecturally sound, emotionally ravaging... a ferocious film" - Washington Post

"Beautiful, heartbreaking and powerful ... has to be seen." - Kansas City Star

"Young represents an uncommon figure: a man thrust into the spotlight against his will,and adapting to serve something bigger than himself." - Los Angeles Times

WINNER Best Documentary National Board of Review:
NOMINEE Toronto International Film Festival: People's Choice Award
Order Through and 25% of the Sale of Each DVD Benefits Tomas Young Directly

- Eddie Vedder Music Video "No More"
- MSNBC interview
- CSPAN coverage of the House and Senate debates
- Theatrical Trailer
- Deleted Scenes
- Filmmaker Biographies

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