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Compulsivly Obsessive

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Monday, October 20, 2008 | 10/20/2008 06:55:00 pm

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A friend of mine one told me (and I'm not sure if it was an insult or not) that I had an obsessive compulsive disorder. It was back in the days that my topic of discussion revolved solely around Ghost Rider. Looking back on it now, I can't disagree with his observations.

My mind does work in a compulsive way and there's no hiding that. I don't however consider this to be a disorder in anyway though. I just happen to obsess over things. Yes, it may be to an extreme of it dominate every ouch of my being, but that doesn't mean there's something disorderly going on. I just obsess. Compulsively.

I figured out today that this is what my blog is; a reflection of my obsessions. Most people would refer to similar items as hobbies or interests, but most people aren't me. I have interests, but they are not broad categories. People like comics. I like Ghost Rider. People like music, I like Pearl Jam. People read, I read Stephen King. Catch what I'm saying here? Where the obsession comes in is the fact that I bounce from item to item and find myself absorbed into each, not ever letting that focus shift... until the compulsion to move along to another obsession kicks in.

Welcome to Understanding Eli. I'm sure you never will.


Jacqueline said...

There was a time when I was obsessed with Stephen King...that's all I read. That's over now. LOL.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Well, I do dabble in other things but it's usually reference or news.

cailean said...

OCD is bad when your obsessions are grossly impractical things, like obsessive cleaning or washing caused by mysophobia.

But on the other hand, mild OCD or obsessive-compulsive behaviours can have positive effects.

I know that without my OCD I wouldn't be so successful at my business. It's all about finding ways to channel your obsessive tendencies into something productive.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I fully and completely agree with everything you just said cailean. My OCD has helped me get tonnes of stuff done. I guess my only problem is that I have so many different things that I want to do at any given time. Even with my OCD, I can't possible tackle it all with the same intent.

A minor setback...

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