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Saturday, November 15, 2008


You gotta love Google News alerts.

I've been subscribing to email updates from this service regarding Ghost Rider for many years now, but a couple days ago I decided to create some new alerts for some of the other obsessions of mine, mainly Pearl Jam and Stephen King...which in this case is where I'm focusing today.

One of the first alerts I got about the master of horror was about a King video getting over 1 million hits. When I read this, I did a double take thinking to myself "King Video? What King video? How did I not know about this video? Where is this video? What is this video?", etc, etc, etc.

Of course, all that happened in my head as I quickly scanned down through the massive amount of alerts to find said video... which I did very soon after. What I discovered is that this video was actually a series of videos released once a week up until August 29th of this year. Yeah, I know it's now November but, this is new to me so maybe it's new to you as well and if it is new to you and you haven't watched it yet, you can do so for free right now. and in fact, it's almost better (well it was for me) that the entire series of videos (25 in total) is now fully released because waiting a week for a 2 minute video would have been hell. Being able to sit down and watch one after the other suits me just fine.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this incredible animated series, with artwork from the ever awesome Marvel and brilliant story telling from the true master of that artform.



Jae said...

Thanks so much! Stephen King is my God :D

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey, no problem. It's my pleasure helpin' out fellow King fans!

Martin Miller-Yianni said...

SK Rules - without a tape measure!