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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Singles" and Change

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIn my opinion, Eddie Vedder should win some sort of award for "Most enthusiastic High Five in Cinimatic History".

Yeah, I know this is a incredibly random thing to announce, but what I'm referring to is Vedders' (and most of Pearl Jam at that time) appearance in the 1992 flick "Singles".

I was curled up with my lady friend last night watching this movie for the first time in perhaps a decade and couldn't help giggling to myself when I saw the above mentioned high five take place. I mean, I was already in glee from seeing the boys in this movie (not that I didn't know before this viewing. It is the only reason why I own the movie after all) but when Vedder reached up and delivered that high five, I could only smile more. It was so enthusiastic that it was almost silly but so believable at the same time. Yes, I know it's a bit much to say that he deserves an award for a high five, but if something so simple can evoke such an glee filled emotion in a person, some recognition is needed... hence this post... not that recognition from me is anything like an award but, still...

Anyway, after watching the movie I suddenly remembered a new blog post on the bands myspace page that I completely forgot about. It's a little late due to it's subject matter, but I felt it was something worthy of sharing to those fellow fans out there.

Starting in October 2004, Pearl Jam set out on a 'Vote for Change' tour and they asked Rick Charnoski and Coan Nichols to tag along to make a film of the event. In the end however, in light of how the last (not the recent) election turned out, the film makers decided to not finish what they started:
We got home and cut the film, but never showed it to anyone. The enthusiasm for the project dwindled due to the outcome of the election. Ironically, we feel like Bush's reelection may have made the film even more important/ valid and we think now is a great time to dig it out and remind people why it is so important to vote. We love this film, it's like nothing we have ever done before and we are stoked to finally have the chance to show it.
I'm quite happy that they decided to go ahead and get this out there and while I'm too late to help get the vote out for the US election, it's never too late to promote some Pearl Jam. What's best is that you can watch it right now for free online. All you gotta do is click here or the image above.

What are you waiting for? Go!

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Shea said...

and I agree He should get some kind of award for that, and also I'd like to see him and the rest of the band in another movie, perhaps some indy movie that they all do, and star in, that would be fantastic

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Now that would be awesome. I can't ever see it happening now that they are older and less care free, but it certainly would be awesome.

C said...

That is so weird, I too watched that movie last night. First time I've seen it since it came out in video.
I never realized that Alice in Chains was in it too. I loved when Kyra was using the blue shirt to clean the toilet.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Interesting. Makes me wonder how many other people in the world happened to watch that movie at the same time.

Yeah, I forgot AIC was in it too; Nice surprise when watching again!