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Sunday, April 26, 2009

De-Constructing Tigg

It may have been the place I were living at the time and the peoples extreme interest in music, or perhaps it was my lifelong inner desire to actually get into music; either way, my TiGG obsession developed, lived a long and healthy life and then died completely.

TiGG stands for 'The Imperial Grand Guy'. This was the pseudonym I used as I attempted to create 'music' without ever knowing how to play an instrument... well besides drums which I studied for a few years in junior and high school music class. Now that I think about it, there is no doubt that this time in music was an influence in all this. The music I created was almost entirely developed through beats, but not with any conventional percussive element. The songs that I created were done using several different music programs on my old computer which I downloading from the wonderful internet. Well that, a mini microphone, and anything I could find to bang on or record the sound of.

This little obsession of mine lasted for over 4 years (plus one little spurt a few years back). It was during the time was just starting out and was primary used for the promotion of independent artists. I still to this day have not found a similar concept as this place had (though, to be honest, I haven't been looking either). It was incredible. I spent countless hours logged into that site reviewing songs, creating personalized stations and discovering tonnes of new bands.

It was also during the time when dial up was all you had and there were no such thing as torrents. It took time to do these things... and time I took. Lots of it, and not just because of the newly developing internet.

It's over 10 years now since that whole obsession of mine began and I haven't even thought about it in a very long time. I'm not sure what brought it on today, but I did ended up doing a google search of my TiGG self. I actually, after years of zero promotion, found a few sites that still have my music on it; sites like and who are actually selling my music, much to my surprise.

Finding these sites today made me regret adding newly remasted ones to my TiGG myspace page during my aformened spurt of activity. The ones there are less produced then the same ones currently on myspace and thus sound better. That's one thing I always suffered from during my dabbling into music generation; over producing. I couldn't leave the songs alone, and where I didn't really have any knowledge on any of the programs I was using, it all suffered quality. If you can even call any of it quality. It's mostly experimental. Scratch that, all experimental. I had no freakin' idea what I was doing. It was Experimental electronica from TiGG and for a long time, it was my past time, my hobby and definitely my obsession.

All I can wonder now is if this rekindling of thought on the old mestro will spark another spurt. Only time will tell.

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