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Ghost Rider 2: Coming Soon?

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Saturday, April 04, 2009 | 4/04/2009 01:14:00 pm

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Within the last couple of months (during my brief exodus from this space of mine) news surfaced about Ghost Rider 2 being in the very early stages of development and by that I mean, the lead actor from the first one is eagerly wanting to do it; Very early stages. I doubt it goes much beyond that. In fact, if this movie gets made at all, it's likely going to take a lot of persuasion from Cage and perhaps many more.

I actually first noticed this news back in september when comingsoon.net posted an interview from cage where he briefly mentions Ghost Rider 2. I stress the word briefly as there wasn't much meat to this story at all and I quickly passed it off as nothing. It wasn't until March of this year that the story warmed up a little with news sprouting up in a varity of different places (like here, and here and here too!). It was then that my heart started pumpin' and my mind began a racin' in hopes that this could very be really happening.

Having said that, I'm still not sure how the studio feels about returning to that universe. Sure, it made money, but it wasn't overwhelmingly reviewed from the critics. Most harsh of all came perhaps from the fans of both the Ghost Rider lore and the comic world in general. Most of this demographic truly despised the debut of this hidden gem of a character and even now spit on the thought of this sequel happening. I've been browsing the boards at my old stomping ground lately (Superherohype.com) and most of those people really have nothing good to say at all. Perhaps this is the reason why I don't stay there long anymore... and perhaps why my interest in going there at all dropped when the first movie came out. Everyone was so freakin' negative.... Not that I don't understand their points of view. I just dont' agree with most of it. I truly loved the movie and thought it was a really fun ride...

... and yes, I do realize that perhaps my experiences leading up to and during the release of Ghost Rider could be clouding my judgement. That's what some have said to me anyway and who knows the human phsyci, right? Anything is possible. I do know that I do think it was fun movie to watch and I really thought MSJ did a great job in blending 3 different versions of the character into one really enjoyable film...

... So, to all the critics (and I mean this in a most loveable way); Bite me. Bring on Ghost Rider 2!

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The Natural State Hawg said...

Count me in as one of the folks who enjoyed the heck out of the first movie. Bring on the sequel -- sounds great!

Straight Shooting Real Estate

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Wow. That makes 2 of us anyway!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see other fans of the flick out there.

djamz said...

nice info... ghost Rider best movie in the world. I like this movie.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Glad to hear from other fans of the movie. I'll try and keep you posted on anything I hear in the coming months (likely years).

Liza said...

I would love to see a Ghost Rider 2 come out! I really liked the first one - I wouldn't go so far as to say loved, but I thought it was a good, solid film.

Tech Vixen

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I can agree with that. I wouldn't say love either, but maybe I would. I do have a very unique experience to go along with this movie which makes me VERY fond of it... and technically I really enjoyed watching it (again and again) so... yeah, maybe I do love it.

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