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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hammond's Evaluation of Purcell

It's been a long time since I've followed Kings Hockey so passionatly as I have this past season. In fact, thinking now, I don't believe I've ever analysed the team so closely as I did this year. It may have something to with the fact that they were actually exciting to watch this year, or maybe it was the discovery of free online broadcasts of just about anything including hockey, but I certainly followed my boys closely.

One of the places that I visited several times a day in search for more Kings knowledge was Rich Hammonds Inside The Kings blog. I found it to be not only a great place to converse with other like minded folks (sometimes live as we watched the broadcast, before that got shut down when the NHL got mad and made everyone stop promoting the video feeds of ;ive games), but also a great place to get goalie information for my NHL fantasy league. Rich recently posted a player review of Newfoundland and Labrador's own Teddy Purcell:

40 games, 4 goals, 12 assists, 4 penalty minutes, 13:31 average ice time.
Going forward: Asumming the Kings re-sign him (he's a restricted free agent), next season will be an important one for Purcell, a player Dean Lombardi once had penciled in as a potential first-line winger. Purcell's style of play indicates that he needs to be in a top-six role in order to thrive in the NHL, but will his talent level make him a fit in one of those roles? Lombardi's activity level in the trade market this summer will go a long way toward determining where Purcell might be able to fit.
Read the full Evaluation here.

I'm very nervous for Purcell actually. I'm not sure how he feels about playing for Los Angeles, but I truly love that the team has a player from my home Province. Not only that, I honestly believe he has a tonne of potential. In all the games I watched this year, I was really impressed with how he looked out there. Yes, shaky at times, but you could truly see what he could do. If he works hard over the summer and comes out strong in training camp, he'll be a force on the roster next year.

As for the live online games, I truly do hope they find a way to keep them around. You have to realize how rare and new a thing seeing this many Kings games is. I live on the opposite side of the continent from the team I love and not only that, a completely different country. It was a slim sight to see any live games during the course of any season. Now that I've had a taste of seeing so many games, I don't want to let go.

More so that that however, I hope that now that Lombardi has a taste of Teddy, he won't want to let him go.

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Frye said...

I remember Teddy Purcell from his days with the Maine Black Bears. (I'm a huge Maine hockey fan.) I never had a doubt he was going to make it up to the "League" but I didn't imagine it would be as quick.

I hope there's a spot for him on the roster next season.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I'm shamed to say that I didn't even hear of him until late last year... and he's from my home province. He is a deadly player though. He just gotta get bigger.

Thanks for poppin' by.