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Adding Pennies to the Pot

Written By Stephen Eli Harris on Saturday, May 30, 2009 | 5/30/2009 11:59:00 am

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With this post I in no way speak as someone who really knows much about monetizing ones blog. What I will be doing is just outlining what I've found useful in adding a few coins to my bank account... which generally is used to pay off bills. Like us all.

In my blogging days, I've tried many different ad and affiliate programs, with many of them causing my site to load slow or just not be worthwhile at all, monetarily. I think I've finally narrowed all my testing to a combination of programs which I not only like using but also will help add pennies to the pot. I keep saying 'pennies' and 'coins' because I do not ever for see a time when the programs will wield extreme wealth. Every little bit helps though right?

My ad layouts actually begin mostly with Adsdaq. I'm not sure how familiar most folks are with this one as programs like Google have taking over the internet, but this is a great little CPM banner ad program which I really like because you can set you own prices per ad space. A lot of the larger ads that are placed throughout the site are in fact Adsdaq ads or other ads running through their system. It's pretty great actually that you can set it to show another ad of the same size from a different system when there are no ads available at your set price . What I've done is set those prices pretty high (which yes does yield some low ad views) and then have Google Adsense or AdBright showing when there are no Adsdaq ads to view. It seems to be working pretty good right now, but I do worry that I'm not getting the most benefit out of the Google ads that I placed. I'll keep monitoring that.

I mentioned Google Adsense and AdBright just then and just wanted to reiterate that those are 2 other programs that I find worthwhile using. I'm not going to spend any time talking about Google because the world knows of them I'm sure. AdBright is a perhaps a little less known CPM and CPC ad program. I like it because you can approve and reject any ads you wish. They also have options to include in text ads throughout (you may see one in this very sentence) or even have full page ads should you wish. I personally choose not to use those here. To each their own.

Other than those 3 systems, a big favorite of mine right now is Project Wonderful. I'm fairly new to the program but I'm really getting a kick out of the way it's designed. The bidding on ad space directly from my site is quite enjoyable and I do have the option to reject or approve any ad I wish. I choose to let them all flow through, giving the space to the highest bidder automatically, but if I wish to really target my space I do have that option. It's definitely a fun little monetizing program and I do highly recommend it. Both for enjoyability and the amount of money that you could possibly earn.

All in all, I find this combination of ad programs to be working very well at the moment. I'm sure in a year or so I'll probably think differently, but for now, this is what I'll stick with. Try them out if you haven't yet.



Jed and Vit said...

I am still trying to find the best combination for me. But I have a different experience with Project Wonderful - I haven't reached the $10 mark after a year! Maybe I am not optimizing my space.

Any comments? :)

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Sorry for the late reply on this and I'm not really sure how helpful I'll be anyway. I'm very new to the program myself and have only made little money. I can tell you what I've done though, first and foremost, was ensure that all my spaces had a minimum bid. Secondly, and more importantly I guess, was try to get traffic to the site. That's always the toughest job.

Let me know if you have any tips for me after being with them for a year...

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