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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lindelof, Abrams Idol Stephen King

Last week I posted a news piece surrounding JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof securing the rights to produce a series of Dark Tower films. Incredible news no doubt, but there is a little more to this story that I happened to come across while surfin' the web last night.

I just happened to come across an article on Bangor Daily News about the teams extreme fandom of Stephen King and his writings. In fact, I learn't from this story that not only did King's writings help Lindelof become the writer in the first place, but also that the hit series Lost was basically modeled after one of Kings books; The Stand. This character driven story which Damon could not put down when he started (like most of us who read it) was what he 'strove to emulate in my own writing.'

What's even more interesting to me than that aspect of the article is discovering that, as much as they are fans of the 'King of Horror' (which they actually show in Lost by way of having connections to King; something I didn't know until now but will certainly look for when I go back to start the show over again), Stephen is equally impressed with them and their achievements on Lost. King points out in the article that he never misses a show which no doubt is a bountiful amount of praise. Having ones idol be equally impressed with your work must be a beautiful feeling. I'm sure Lindelof was thrilled to hear that news. I know I would be.

All in all this article only helps solidify my thoughts that Lindlof, Abrams and their team are the only ones that should be handling the 'Dark Tower' movie franchise and just further excites me for more news on that. It's a good thing that Lost is an incredible show because if it wasn't, I'd be writing them daily to move on to that project now.

In fact, I still might do that...



Frye said...

I remember pointing it out to my girlfriend when I saw one the characters with a copy of Stephen King book in an early episode of Lost.

I can't remember what book but I'm pretty sure it was while they were in the hatch. It very well might have been Ben that was reading it while he was a prisoner and still know as Henry Gale.

That article came from the BDN? I'm surprised my Mom didn't send it to me. My parents live in Bangor and own a business around the corner from SK's house and that's their local paper.

Thanks for the update, I'm as anxious as you. I was thinking about reading the DK series over in anticipation. hehe

Stephen Eli Harris said...

It was probably Sawyer who was reading the book as he was always reading at one point, but I really don't know. I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for all the references when I go back to the start again... for like the 4th time.

Holy crapper! You're parents live close to the man himself! That's very awesome. It's too bad you haven't ran into him while visiting the folks. Thats one man I'd love to meet.

No prob on the update. I'll keep posting the info as I find it. you be sure to let me know if you hear anything eh?

Oh, and you should definitely read the series again. I started over when the last 3 came out to refresh myself and it rejuvenated my love for the novels. I still have about 200 pages left to go to finish them all. Just gotta get time to relax and finish!