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Friday, May 01, 2009

Top EC Droppers for April '09

Anyone who is a member of EntreCard knows that it's a lovely traffic generating, community building application. April was a busy EC dropping month for myself personally, perhaps the busiest yet. In return of all my card dropping, I certainly gained a few that dropped back. As you can see below, I wasn't the only busy beaver in the lodge. These are my top droppers for April

Dropper # of drops
Lisgold 31
The Way I See It 31
Welcome To Bob's Blog 30
Tech-Blog 30
Hot in Singapore 28
Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian 27
My Heart Voice 27
The Matthias Chronicles 24
The Virtual Dime Museum 23

There are some serious droppers out there and this is my thank you to those who are. It's appreciated that you've added my blog as a place to 'drop' by, and as the above table shows, some of you daily. And don't worry, I do everything in my power to return the 'drop'.

On to May...

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