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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Bloggin'...

... or the lack there of I should have said in that less than stellar title.

It's shocking to me to actually look at my last post date, as I can't really believe it was that long ago which it was . It fascinates me to wonder how fast 2 months have just, you know, vanished. There is now no doubt that time does indeed fly when you're having fun. So much so that you find yourself not realizing how long has really passed. It's a good thing I have this blog to keep me dated actually. If I didn't, I'd probably wake up 50 years old and not realize what happened to the time. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Better yet, lets hope I make it to 50 (which is a topic for another time).

With summer here and a blessing of beautiful weather in this often cranky climate I normally succumb to and week long vacations being had in between, it seems that blogging fell to the back burner. It was never gone but it was always something I'd do 'tomorrow'. Always tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is finally today and I think this post will get me back into the flow of things again... and just in time too. There's topical discussions to be had on all fronts of my obsessions. With Pearl Jam's new album, more discussions on Ghost Rider 2 and even some acting news to share, I certainly have enough posts to write. In a way, I'm kinda hoping for some fog to remind me where I live and keep me in the house for a while to get some if it done. Then again, what the hell am I wishin' for here? Summers this wonderful are rare in Newfoundland and I'm glad I've taken advantage of it. I do have a very long winter ahead of me after all, where much bloggin' can be achieved. Why spend the summer doing it?

I will try to have a happy medium from here on out though and basically this post is the starting point, mainly to let it be known that, no, I'm not dead. It's quite the opposite actually!

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askcherlock said...

Good to see you back! It's hard to blog sometimes with all we need to get done and summers are especially busy. Anyway, glad to see your blog again.