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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Dark Tower Done

Of all the past times that I have, reading is the one that gets left behind most often, and thus also my obsession with Stephen Kings work. That being because it's all I pretty much read when I do get the chance.

The conquest as of late has been Mr. Kings masterpiece 'The Dark Tower'. And by late I mean, for years. I began the journey back in march of 2006, which means it took me over 3 years to read the 7 novels. That seems like a long time, and I guess it is for most readers, but in my defense Kings novels are quite all encompassing and very long. Anyone who has ever read any of his works would know that. Plus, I have tonnes of other things that my mind is constantly obsessed with, as this blog certainly should identify.

Either way, no matter how long it's taken me, I have now reached the end. An end that many who have followed in it's double decade long journey didn't know would actually come; that the writer himself didn't know would actually come. But it has, and I have with it. Many who have also read it have discussed in passing of the end and how they felt. Many warned me that it may not be satisfactory. Many said they were disappointed... and I guess I can agree with that last last one. I'm disappointed that there are not more novels to dive into. I'm sad that there had to be an end, but I am not at all displeased with how it came to pass. I personally believe it was the best ending there could have been for this journey I'm not sure how you felt if you read it, but I was left with a sense that the end didn't come at all and for that I am very happy. I can't see how anyone who has immersed themselves in Roland's world couldn't be. I mean we can all now go on with the thought that this world and Rolands journey is still continuing.

I'll leave things at that just in case a passerby to my blog has not tempted the masterpiece as of yet. If that is the case by the way, I suggest you do. You will not be sad you did.

As for me, I've cracked the spine of another King novel already. Well, King related novel. It's called Haunted Heart and is an autobiography written by Lisa Rogak I'm only 13 pages in (which is a funny place to randomly stop if you've read the biography) but I've already discovered much about the man I admire. I have a feeling I'll get through this one very quickley and when I do, I'll be sure to let you know how I felt.


Frye said...

It took pretty long for me to read the whole series too. It didn't help that I had to wait for the last book to come out in the middle of my journey.

At least it didn't take you close to 30 years to read it, that's how long it took SK to write it!

I have to admit I'm kind of addicted to the Dark Tower graphic novels that are being put out by Marvel. It goes deeper into the story and gives you the gory pictures to boot. Now if only J.J. Abrams would get on the movie stat, the tri-fecta would be complete.

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Hey there Frye, good to see you.

I actually had the first 4 completed when the last 3 came out, so I ended up going back to the start again to get myself immersed in the world fully. It was well worth the time, and I'm sure I would have finished it quicker if I didn't have a million other things that I pasted the time with.

Which was your fav? I really dug Wolves personally. The pace of that one was incredible and I just could not put it down.

I haven't read the graphic novels as of yet, but I certainly have it on my list. I wanted to finish the books before I started, so that's my next venture.

As for the movie(s), I can't freakin wait until Lost is over so that we can start hearing some news about... not that I want Lost to end... but you know, I do want these films to begin so... Ya gotta take good with the bad sometimes eh?