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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kings Lose in Game Six

It was an all around bad day yesterday for the Los Angeles Kings (3-2-1 in preseason) who was defeated in their 6th game of Pre-Season action vs the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 2-3.  To go further, they also lost Sean O'Donnell who was earlier that day suspended for 5 games for his behavior the night before in the game versus the Islanders.  To clarify his suspension, it's the remaining Pre-Season games and 2 of the regular season.  The game last night was one of those final 3 before regular season begins.

Of course, being the ever positive guy that I try to be, I look at these two 'bads' and see a lot of good as well.  First off, the Aves played pretty much the lineup that they will be going with in the regular season.  Meanwhile, the Kings decided to give some of their top guys the night off as they give some of the rookies who are impressing another look.  Brayden Schenn and Kyle Clifford (who just signed a 3 year entry level deal) are still kicking around and not only kicking around, but also playing on the 2nd line with Captain Brown.  Let's not forget Thomas Hickey either, who is fighting for one of those defensive spots.  If anything, this suspension to OD could prove to be a great opportunity for Thomas.

And speaking of O'Donnell.  The positive in this piece of information is that the Kings now have a team who care for each other, who will fight for each other, who are willing to bleed for each other.  Sean was protecting Doughty after some punk trys to injure him and I personally respect him for that.  Dean Lombardi feels the same way and I'm sure all the Kings fans and the entire organization itself feels the same way.

I'm getting very excited.  It's going to be an incredible season.  Just wait and see.

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