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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kings Pre-Season - Frozen Fury XII

The Los Angeles Kings are hittin' Vegas baby, but not to hit the slots (too much).  They instead will be taking on the Colorado Avalanche in their 12th annual Frozen Fury and 2nd last game of Pre-Season action.

The roster for the game is said to be a close resemblance to what will take to the ice in their opening season game on Oct 3rd.  There are still some question marks on the final cuts, but the top 3 lines are set and will be in action tonight.  It should be an interesting game and surely a telling sign of what we can expect from this team this coming season.

One of the highlights of this game for me is again Teddy Purcell who continues to impress at camp and has with that solidified a 2nd line roll.  Coach Terry was asked by Hammond yesterday whether or not Teddy was a key to this season.  This is his response:

MURRAY: ``To me, he's right at the top of the list. Maybe not the very top, but he's certainly a priority for us, to have Teddy Purcell play well and play an important role for our hockey club. He's a very gifted guy. He's got incredible skill and playmaking ability. We've discussed this before; that's where I see him, on the left side where he can be a real good playmaker with Stoll and Brownie. I know that those two guys are going to work hard for him also, and find him opportunities to be the shooter. He's a guy who can finish pretty well.
Check out Inside The Kings for more. 

Things are certainly looking bright for Purcell and I hope he takes this opportunity and runs with it.  We all know he's a great player and now that he'll have the opportunity to show us, we'll no longer have any doubt.

I can't wait for this season to start.  I just cannot wait.
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