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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kings Pre-Season - Game 2

The Kings take on San Jose in their 2nd game of pre-season hockey.  Well, it's game 3 in fact but the Kingdom was split in two for the first game(s) on Tuesday when they played the Phoenix Coyotes twice.  Before I get into game 2/3, let's talk about that.

The King split the 2 games on Tuesday with both teams winning at home; the Coyotes won 4-2 and the Kings win was a score of 4-3.  Score aside, there are some key things to mention from these games, first and foremost is Jacks incredible effort to score his 2nd goal of the night; Johnson that is.  They call him JMFJ and I'm sure you can figure out for yourselves what the MF stands for.  This boy is a beast and in this game he gave a little taste of what he not only can do but also what he is expected to do.  It was very exciting and I'm glad there's a clip online of it for this lonely Kings fan in Newfoundland.

Speaking of which, let's talk about Teddy.  Purcell that is.  They call him... Teddy... and I'll leave that at that.  I spoke about Ted being discussed before the game in my last post, but even more interesting than that is that he followed that up with an incredible game.  Coach Terry said in an interview after the game that it was the best game that Purcell has played for him.  He gott a goal and an assist and beyond that was doing everything he was told to work on.  He's working for the puck which is only going to improve his skill.  He's already a weapon when he has the puck, but now that he's working hard to get the puck, it's going to be lovely!

Purcell gets to play again tonight in their 3rd pre-season game against the San Jose Sharks.  And by play I mean, do so on the top line with Brown on the right and Moller in the middle.  The top line (Smyth - Kopi - Williams) gets the night off apparently.  This will likely be a variation of the 2nd line the team goes with come season start, though with Stoll in the middle.  Of course, if Oscar continues to impress, this could very well be it.  We'll have to wait and see.

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