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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My September 11th Post

The post I would have made yesterday to continue my 30 in 30 would have been about September 11th and particularly the 8th anniversary of the Attacks which occurred in 2001. The post would not have been a simple rest in peace though. It would have been about the terrible crimes that were committed that day and the cover up that progressed ever since.

Hi, My name is Steve and I'm a '9/11 Truther'. Call me crazy. Call a 'tinfoil hat wearin' loony toon'. Call me whatever you want. I've grown used to it in the years that I've researched and discussed this topic, but you know what's grown to comfort me? The number of people who shout the derogatory remarks are slimming and the side of truth is reaching global conscience. Why? Because the truth of science cannot be denied. For example:

Science: Falling objects will do so through the path of least resistance.

Myth: Floors 95 to 110 of WTC North Tower (the falling object) can fall directly through floors 1 to 94 (the path of MOST resistance)  in near free fall speed (Just over 10 seconds) completely obliterating 500 000 pounds of concrete sending it blocks around New York City.

Get what I'm saying? Want more? Check out Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; now with 841 professionals who believe the towers (including, especially Building 7) were destroyed through controlled demolition.  Of course, does it really take a professional to tell you that?  Isn't it common sense by just watching one video of either of the towers collapse?  I mean, our school systems are bad but, wow is it really that bad?

My post yesterday would not have only included the science though.  Sometimes the science doesn't mean anything to people.  Some people need a human element to be sparked.  My post in that case would have also been about the grieving families who lost loved ones that day and still have not had most of their questions answered:

But most of all, yesterdays post would have been a cry out to anyone who happens to see it to investigate the issue yourself. I could argue until I'm blue in the face with the facts but until you look into yourself, the name calling and abuse will continue.

Investigate 9/11. Ask Questions. Demand Answers.

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