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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Redesignin' in my Return

I guess I was wrong in thinking that all I'd talk about in the next 30 days would be Pearl Jam. Here it is barely 24 hours from letting those words slip from my fingertips and already I break the thought. In my defense, it was only speculation anyway.

Regardless of yesterday, today's post will be to announce a redesign of this ol' blog of mine. It isn't a huge change, but I did alter the colors and fix up the side bars a little. I mainly just wanted to switch things up a bit to keep it a little interesting for myself if nothing else. I also spent some time last night designing a new banner... Actually, when I think about it, it was the new banner that sparked everything else. None the less, here I am with a new softer feel for my personal space here. I personally like the change? Do any of my visitors feel the same?... Provided of course I still get visitors after such a long time away. If there are any, fell free to gimme to feedback.

So, that's that; a new design sparked from my return to blogging. I'll be back tomorrow with some more Pearl Jam. :-)

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