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Thursday, October 01, 2009

09-10 NHL Season Begins

October 1st has finally come and with that so has the 09-10 season of the NHL.  Of course, being the person I am, I wont focus on the 4 games that kick things off this season, but instead talk about my beloved Los Angeles Kings.  Would you expect anything else?

The Kings don't play their first game until Saturday, but it doesn't mean there isn't anything to talk about.  In fact, it seems that more and more people are doing just that; talking about the Kings. There are many top analysists saying that this squad are one team to watch this year.  Yes, they don't have level of faith I have in the team, but they are all expecting the bunch in LA to have a breakout season.  Many are calling them to win a playoff birth... which of course is the one goal the Kings have this season.  Of course, I know they'll do it.  With all their troubling getting the puck in the net last year, I think this is one goal they'll secure... and I believe they'll do it in fine fashion.

Beyond my faith in the team however, what's best about this season is seeing the confidence engulfing the entire organization.  From the GM down to the final roster selection, everyone believes in this club.  They all realize that they had a minor breakout in their own right last season, and now  understand that 'The best is yet to come".

I'm very very excited.  Very!

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