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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After 5 Games

Before this year, the Los Angeles Kings have not begun the season with a 4-1-0 record since, 1992-93 which just so happens to be the year they made a run to the Stanley Cup Finals (and lost).  I'm not saying that just because it happened then that'll happen now, but it's an interesting stat to know none the less.

The Kings extended their win streak to four with two 2-1 games with the the first game being versus the St. Louis Blues.  Unfortunately, this happened to be the first game that I didn't get a chance to watch this season due to being home with the family.  It's a good excuse I s'pose, if there's a good one to miss a Kings game.  Regardless, I was happy to find out that they won.  It was a big one being their first road game in a six game trip, which happens to be the longest road trip of the season.  Of course, this a welcomed change from last year where most of the last half of the season was played on the road.  This win was a huge one to start the trip and another giant step in the right direction.

The ball was carried furthered with a second 2-1 win versus The New York Islanders just yesterday.  I did manage to catch the last half of this game, and funny enough caught both Kings goals.  In fact, it wasn't long after I began watching when the first was scored.  I wonder if I were watching the first half, would they have scored more goals?   I guess I'll never know, but what I do know is that the last half was great to watch and I honestly thought Quick was going to get his first shutout.  As fate would have it, he was scored on by a former king in the last 2 minutes.  Too bad for Quick but I'm sure he'll pull through.  He was just bestowed the 2nd star of the week after all.

For both games, one huge positive to take from it all (besides the wins) is that after such horrible penalty kill stats in the first couple of games, they have now killed 10 in a row.  That is huge and if they keep it up, only good things can come.  Continued scoring in addition to continued penalty kills equates continued success.

Go Kings Go!

Newfoundland Note:
Teddy Purcell got an assist in the 2nd game, bringing his total for the season up to 2 goals, 1 assists, +/- 0 in 5 games played.

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