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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kings Gain First Win

The Los Angeles Kings began the 08-09 season with 2 loses, both of which to the San Jose Sharks.  Things are already notably different this year as LA begin with a record of 1-1-0.  This comes with their win in Game 2 of this season last night, specifically to those pesky Sharks; A team that finished in 1st place at the end of regular season last year, might I add. 

Watching the game last night solidified my personnel suspicions during the off season that this years squad will be very formidable.  It was an exciting game and the Kings played harder than I've seen them do in years and do so against one of the best in the league.  They had confidence, poise and determination to win this game and I believe they knew they were going to win the entire time.  It's very exciting to see this team so hungry and I guess it makes sense for them to be.  They did have a horrific loss in their opening game.  It's beautiful to see that they knew they could do better and last night, they proved it.  It was a great win and with that, their first 2 points.

One specific notable of this game is that Teddy Purcell scored his first goal of the season, but not only that, scored the game winning goal.  This after LA blew a 4 goal lead (exposing a need to strengthen the PK) and within seconds of the Sharks tying the game.  It wasn't the most beautiful goal on earth but you have to respect that fact that Teddy took a chance from such an impossible angle.  That 'shot mentality' that Coach Murray is preaching is apparently beginning to become evident.  Teddy actually had 5 shots on net during the game, leading all Kings doing so.  Great job Purcell!  Keep up the great work.

All in all, this Kings fan is (if at all possible) even more excited about my beloved Kings this season.  I see beautiful things on the horizon.  Just wait, you'll see it too.

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Harlem's A Hatin said...

I was at this game!!!! It was amazing! Ivanans kicked major ass...literally.

I am new to this whole blog world, check out mine!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

I'm quite jealous that you got to see that game. Was a great game to watch online but I can only imagine live.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Stephen Eli Harris said...

Oh, and love the blog by the way. Just followed you.