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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to Backspacer

Now that I have some duties taken care of on the NL BlogRoll blog and have a cup of coffee sitting next to me piping hot, it's time to dive into some Backspacer... Again, in fact.  I've had the album on repeat since around 11 this morning and with it being such a quick little album, I'm already about to start the 3rd time through.

I mentioned in my previous post that I've been dying to discuss the release of Pearl Jam's newest addition to their discography for quite a while now.  It's a shame really that it's been this long since I've found the time.  Considering it was released 3 months ago now, I really am pretty late with the hype.  Sure, the way the entertainment business works, everyone's probably forgot about this album by now and on to some other hip new thing.  Perhaps it's a good thing that I'm so late jumpin' in there with a few thoughts.  Maybe it'll help reawaken the public conscious of this incredible album.

It is incredible though no?  To me, it's a perfect follow up to their smash hit self titled album, released back in Twenty Ought Five.  Emotionally, it's a rollarcoaster ride with some of the saddest and happiest music I've ever heard.  In fact, the geneneral upbeat nature of the whole album is somewhat surprising, considering Pearl Jam's (particularly Eddie) dark and brooding history of music.  Not to say they didn't always rock out as well.  Because they did, and they continue to do so on this newest album. There is an ebb and flow of punk influence throughout the album which adds heavily to the rock out awesomeness Pearl Jam fans love so dearly.

For me though, it's not the rock in them that keeps me entertained.  It's the raw emotion.  Songs like 'Unthought Known' and 'The End' (and especially 'Just Breathe') that get me.  These songs that I fall deeply into, trance like; ones that capture me fully.  It's the emotional, sometimes depressing sometimes uplifting, songs like these that encapsulate Pearl Jam for me.  These are the songs that define why I love them so much.  Music to me is about experiencing an emotional response and this band can do it better and more frequently than any other for me.  Better yet, they continue to do so 20 years after my first response emotionally to their incredible offerings to the music scene.

All in all, 'Backspacer' is a fantastic addition to their already impressive collection of tunes.  I'm very much looking forward to hearing any one of them live whenever I get the chance to make that happen again.  Until then, I'll keep my iTunes on repeat and stay positive, knowing that good things come to those that do!

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InBliss said...

This album remind me of Vitalogy...


Stephen Eli Harris said...

I can see what your saying there. They are both very emotional albums and unique to the rest of their stuff as well. Of course, then again, I find all their albums to be unique amongst themselves.