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Friday, January 08, 2010

A Kingly Update

Looking back now on my sudden and unfortunate lack of blog updating, I kinda realize how quick time flies.  I can just look at the NHL season and I'm shocked into realizing just how long my absence was.  It's now 44 games into the season, over half way there and it feels like yesterday that I posted last about my beloved hockey team, which was in fact GAME 7.  At least the state of the Los Angeles Kings nation looks pretty darn bright and I best get talking about it again, no?

The Record --> 25-16-3 w/ 53pts -

At one point in December (before their massively long 8 game break) the Kings were in first place in the Western Conference.  That's right, I said FIRST place.  As to be expected, as it stands now though, they are still in contention, barely, being in 8th place.  Yes, that's a dramatic slide, I know, but let's be honest here; the Kings didn't belong up there in the first place.  Yes, they're having an incredible season and yes, they will make the playoffs but not finishing first in the West.  I can't kid myself that much.

What IS beautiful though is that record up there and also knowing the fact that the West is as tight as Ebaneezer (*still not out of xmas*).  Though the Kings are in 8th, they are only 3 points behind 4th and 12 behind first.  Not bad, not bad at all!

The Double D -

Perhaps the biggest highlight revolving around Los Angeles, besides them finally winning stretches of games consistently, is the incredible play of Drew Doughty.  This kid is a machine and a delight to watch.  Even if I were not a Kings fan, I would be in awe of the raw talent this 20 year old has and I'm not the only one to notice.

Team Canada officially announced on Dec 31st that Drew will be part of their upcoming Olympic mens hockey team.  This is incredible considering some of the very impressive defense men in the NHL that did not make it.  I mean, I never had a dought(y) in my mind that he was going to make the team, but over a couple of top notch players never crossed my mind once.  It's quite remarkable.

The Quicker -

Jon Quick has been AMAZING.  Nuff Said.

The Tale of Teddy -

When the season began this year, my excitement wasn't solely around the Kings in general.  It also surrounded that of Teddy Purcell, who not only became an active roster participant, but also a top line player.

In a sad fact however, Teddy has been an EVERY line player so far this season.  Literally.  He has player with just about every other player on every numbered line, 1 to 4.  Coach has definitely given him plenty of changes to succeed, but he just has not been able to tally the score sheet.  I don't know if it's horrible luck or if he needs a feed of Jiggs Dinner, but he just hasn't been able to get it done.  It's actually bad enough now that he's on a 5th line position... that being in the press box.

Teddy will bounce back though.  When I've watched him play, he's played very well and there is definitely a reason why Coach has been giving him so many opportunities.   He must see something in Teddy, as I see something in him.  Patience.  He'll get there.

Just like the Kings will get there.  Soon enough I can proudly say these words:

"Kings win the Stanley Cup."


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