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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Love Gone Good

It's unfortunate that my recent lull in updating this blog space of mine came when it did. With all the build up I was doing towards the release of 'Backspacer', I really haven't talked about it. What's truly unfortunate is that I'm not going to have the time available now to devote as much attention as I'd like, neither.

What I would like to do is talk about 'Amoungst the Waves' however, particularly about a video I just happened to stumble across. It was taken by a concert goer in Vancouver and features a nice lead into the song from Eddie, who truly has a way with words sometimes.

Check it out, but if the 'F word' turns you off, steer clear K?

"Love gone good".  The good-er the better I say!

For those who want to hear how it sounds on the album, check this out! This is minus the 'F word' tomfoolery, so no worries. It's just the awesome track itself.

Great tune. Great times!  I wish I had more time to discuss the album further, but I'll got to leave you with this much for now. If you're anything like me, you're probably listening the the song a couple times anyway. I'll let you to it and I'll be back soon with more PJ goodness!

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