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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mike De Luca Talks Ghost Rider 2

I am in no way the crazed movie nut that I used to be, nor do I spent countless hours discussing comic book movies as I once did in the years past.  Don't get me wrong though, it's not that I've lost interest or anything.  It's just that in most cases the time you have available dictates what you can and can not spend your time doing.

Having said that, I will never stop following the development of the Ghost Rider franchise and there has been some updates as of late.  The people over at Collider.com sat down with Mike De Luca recently to have a chat about Ghost Rider 2.  You can read the full interview here, but below are some of the bullet points of that discussion... and of course my two cents thrown in.

– Mark Steven Johnson is not directing the sequel
Though it may be a good thing to inject some fresh blood into the franchise, I really hate the fact that MSJ will not be involved in the production at all.  I didn't hate everything about the first movie, and while it could have been darker, I don't think Mark should be fully to blame on that.  I think they could have at least brought him on as a consultant or something.  Of course, they still might... or maybe it's Mark who doesn't want anything to do with it, I don't know.  Either way, I'm kind of sad that he'll not be along to continue the ride.

– Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson
I in no way feel the same way about Eva.  Sure, she was fun and all in the start of the franchise, but in a darker franchise (which I believe it'll be) a new Roxanne will be welcomed.

Ghost Rider 2 (or Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance) will be a hard PG-13
Yay!  A darker movie will certainly be welcomed by the fans of the character as that was indeed the number one complaint from any fan of the character.  I know I'll welcome it... not to say just because it's dark that it'll be good.  There still has to be an entertaining story.

I do love the title though!

– The film is going to take place in Europe
Okay.  Cool.

– De Luca is open to David Goyer directing the sequel but it all comes down to his very busy schedule
I wouldn't hate to see David Goyer direct this movie.  I've been a fan of his for a long time and I love the work he's done... though, I do admit that I have some reservations.  Goyer is a great writer and producer and does great work, but I'm not sure how I feel about his directing abilities.  Of course, who am I to judge and I certainly will not crucify a person before he even does anything.  Whoever directs this movie will have my faith and Goyers' background does give him a boost in faith from many.

– Says the sequel will be like “pushing the reset button” on the franchise
I hate resets and I definitely hate them when it happens just a couple years after the first story was set.  Yes, it's likely needed, but how much time will again be spent developing the story.  I want to see Ghost Rider in action! 

– As you might expect from the success of Avatar, Ghost Rider 2 might be done in 3D
Well, this makes total sense.  The lead character is completely digital and this technology could make things much easier.  

– Says Goyer has just delivered his updated outline to the studio
I can not wait to learn some more details on this.  Goyer is a great story developer and if he stuck at all to the comic lore, he could very well have developed something genius.   Again, it's not his writing abilities that I have any doubt in.  This guy is brilliant!

– And says Ghost Rider 2 could be in front of the cameras this year
I've heard that before. I'll believe it when I see it... though the news is obviously exciting.

I'll certainly stay tuned into all the developments and be sure to share what I can here on this blog.  In the meantime, go read the full interview over at Collider.  I'm going to go lurk around my old stomping grounds over at SuperHeroHype and see what the Ghost Rider fans are saying about these updates and if they don't like what they've read... 'Vengeance will be mine!'.  :)

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